Dealtastic - Important news for our Affiliates of changes to our Program

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Dear Affiliates,

We would like to thank your for all your efforts in helping place us firmly on the map in the first year of us being online. the program has grown from strength to strength and seen conversions and sales grow month to month, so thank you.

Time to change..

However, due to the economic times we find ourselves we have had to make some changes to ensure our survial going forward as we change the look and feel of the site, and the type of products we will be selling on the site. There was talk of closing and going live again, but no-one wanted to do that as long as we can keep the great momentium going, as we slowly transform the site, while remaining "live"

Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR) impact...

As I am sure you are all aware, there has been changes to this that where introduced last month, which has had a small impact on things here for us in Jersey, again with this in mind and the  removal of this in April, means our budgets have had to be changed to keep us in line with our margins of profit, which in our line of buisness is tight. We have tried many ways to get round this since the change came into effect last month, however changes are needed to start with that all of the above in mind please be aware of the following changes to the program with effect of immediate..

Discount Codes -

All promo codes are to be removed & ended with immediate effect excluding the following -

bonus15 - Xmas code for 15% off selected end of line stock


We will be offering a 5% discount code still for life when someone signs up to our email or facebook page

Free Shipping -

There will be FREE SHIPPING on all orders - this will be a great selling point

Because of the changes to the tax situation and Free shipping there will be a change to our terms on the final commisison you will recieve, that you may have been used to on the program.

Commission Changes -

Because of the introduction of FREE SHIPPING & of tighter margins commissions will be changed to 5% for the introduction flat rate. A increased rate of 6% will be available for long standing affiliates who give us increased promotions on homepages, newsletters etc

We are as of today introducing High end products, so the converstion rates on average fo 12% (which goes up month to month) will reamin on a higher AOV so in effect with free shipping and the above, the impact of things should be far less than if we where to stop Affiliate Marketing all together.


These changes are going into place over the next 24 hours, I will send reminders out when I can, and touch base with our regular high value affiliates to look at going forward under these new changes. We  are aware of  advised 30 notice period to changes, however given these times, we have been forced to make these changes to allow us to contuine working with you and the network, and look to building on the hard work and success of the program.


Any questions please feel free to drop me a line -


All the best,




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