Competition Time - The Spectre Challenge

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Good morning all

I hope you're all well and having a great start to your week! 

I'm going to make your week even better with a fabulous challenge that we hope you'll really enjoy!

The Spectre Challenge

The product - Exclusive Nerf N-Strike Elite Spectre REV 5 Blaster - NOW ONLY £15

This is a fantastic product at a great price and has some brilliant reviews. And best of all, it's EXCLUSIVE to us.

Sell as many of these bad boys as you can....

  • For every one that you sell you will get 1% extra CPA for that product
  • There's no minimum number, it's as simple as +1% CPA for each one that sells successful
  • Sell 80 or more and we'll give you a £60 cash bonus, on top of the above commission you've already earned
  • Sell 40 or more and we'll give you a £30 cash bonus, as well as your extra commission
  • Challenge ends at midnight on Tuesday 3rd November


What are you waiting for? Are you up for the challenge? Let's get selling!

Send me an email if you need any more images sent over or if you require anything else for you to succeed!


The Entertainer