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Dear Affiliates,

Hope you’re well.

We would like to make you aware of some important changes to the validation time of Car Insurance sales on a policy model.

As we mentioned previously we are confident in the tracking ability that comes with these changes, however we’ve received feedback from some of our direct providers that they would require a longer lead time to verify if a sale has been validated.

To keep the Sale and commission data as accurate as possible we have concluded to move to a 60-day period in which we will upload the validated Car Insurance Sales onto the AWIN platform.


This means that when you drive a Car insurance quote it will initially be tracked at £0.00 commission. Within a 60-day period we will upload the validated sales onto the AWIN platform and you will be able to view the exact sales and commission you have earned.

Also, to be completely transparent of the quote volumes you are driving we will continue to track the amount of Car Insurance quotes and these can be found through the AWIN dashboard daily.

New Cut-off date:

In light of these updates we will push back the cut-off date to the 1st of June, after which we will stop paying commission on Car insurance quotes and only pay on validated Sales.


Tracking link:


You can find your unique Car insurance policy link below, replacing !!!publisherreff!!! with your AWIN publisher id and !!!clickref!!! with your click reference:!!!publisherref!!!&p=!!!publisherref!!!|!!!clickref!!!&utm_source=AffiliateProgramme&utm_medium=Website&utm_campaign=AffiliateWindow&utm_content=AffiliateLink

PLEASE NOTE: We will stop paying commission on quotes for Car insurance on the 1st of June so it is essential that you update to the correct tracking links as shown above prior to the cut-off date.

Feel free to reach out to the Compare the Market Affiliate Team via If you have any questions and or any exposure opportunities!

Thank you for your continued support on the Compare the Market Affiliate Program.

Best regards,

Compare the Market Affiliate Team