Chemist Direct Loves Your Pets!

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At Chemist Direct, we care about your beloved pets too and have a wide range of products for cats, dogs, small animals, even horses and wild animals.

Top 10 Products for Cats
1. PetPorte Smart Flap
RRP £143.23 Our Price £89.99

Unlike other cat flaps, the Pet Porte Smart Flap does not require your pet to wear an access device suspended from its collar, for example a magnet or infrared transmitter. The Pet Porte Smart Flap recognizes the normal microchip implanted under your pet's skin, thus allowing it entry; therefore it does not require the use of a collar ot accessory. The Smart Flap also has the optional facility of an automatic twilight lock-down that prevents cats from going outdoors once the light level starts to reduce.


2. Cat Fish Bowl - Pink
RRP £19.99 Our Price £16.99

The fish bowl. British designed and manufactured, this dual cat feeding station offers a unique solution for the design conscious cat owner. Featuring non slip rubber feet, a wipe clean body and dishwasher safe removable stainless steel bowls.


3. Ancol Fat Boy Scratching Post
RRP £38.99 Our Price £23.99

The Ancol Fat Boy is the ultimate scratching post available in the UK and our best selling cat activity product. This enormous post (70cm high and 24cm in diameter) can endure punishment from any domestic cat and encourages your cat to scratch the post, rather than your expensive furniture.


4. Drontal Worming Tablet For Cats
RRP £2.59 Our Price £1.98

Drontal is the only wormer to kill every type of intestinal worm commonly found in cats in the UK. To avoid worms reaching maturity and affecting your cat's health, and reduce public health risks, you should worm your cat with Drontal every three months.


5. World's Best Cat Litter 7.5kg
RRP £23.53 Our Price £19.99

World's Best Cat Litter is the litter that's best for your cats. Made from whole kernel corn, World's Best Cat Litter is 99% dust-free and contains no clays, silica dust, synthetic binding or dust reducing agents. There is no harmful dust to be inhaled by your cat making World's Best Cat Litter safer for both of you.


6. Bob Martin Flea Bomb
RRP £4.49 Our Price £3.20

Bob Martin Flea Bomb is a convenient and easy way to kill fleas in your home, especially in rooms your pet has access to. Warm rooms provide a haven for fleas which jump from your pet onto your carpets and soft furnishings. One Flea Bomb will treat a room up to 35m cubed, killing fleas.


7. Applaws Natural Dry Cat Food - Chicken

Only Applaws Dry Complete contains 75-80% meat. It doesn't contain any unnecessary or cheaper additives such as cereal or grains to fill out the food. Applaws Dry Complete has been formulated to have a meat only protein level comparable to fresh whole chicken. Applaws Dry Cat Food may help your cat to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Applaws Dry Formula also contains natural antioxidants including Selenium, Natural Tocopherol, Natural Bioflavonoids and Cranberry extracts to help fight cellular ageing, maintain healthy skin, shiny coat and support the immune system.


8. Feliway Natural Spray
RRP £24.99 Our Price £18.29

Feliway is a natural cat pheromone treatment developed to help prevent your cat from engaging in marking behaviour. Feliway Natural Spray provides a natural solution which is both specific and effective to the problem of feline urine marking. Treatment of urine marking locations with Feliway helps curb troublesome behaviour, and the presence of the phermones in Feliway results in emotional calming, reducing the cat's impulse to mark its territory with urine.


9. Ancol Cat 'I am Micro Chipped' Collar
RRP £2.99 Our Price £1.69

The Ancol 'I am Microchipped' Collar is ideal for pet owners who are worried their cat may go astray. The clear white lettering makes it obvious to anyone who finds your forlorn friend that you can easily be reunited using microchip technology.


10. Cat Laser Chaser
RRP £6.99 Our Price £1.99

The Cat Laser Chaser features five different laser images and is the ultimate interactive tou for you and your cat. The non harmful laser dot resembles true to life movement for your cat to chase, stalk and hunt.


Top 10 Products For Dogs

1. Slow Feed Dog Bowl - Large

A common problem which affects many dogs is that they eat too fast. Eating too fast can result in a number of health problems for your dog. The Slow Feed Bowl has been designed to stop this problem. The heavy duty bowls are split into four feeding zones, each zone designed to stop the dog putting its full snout into the bowl, which means the dog cannot get as much food into its mouth at once compared to standard bowl.


2. Dog Rocks
RRP £12.49 Our Price £9.49

Dog Rocks placed in your dog's water bowl will reduce burn patches caused by your loving pet urinating on your lawn. Dog Rocks are made from natural occurring paramagnetic igneous rock and are completely natural, chemical free and straight from the earth. Those nasty burn patches that appear on your lawn will be done forever.


3. Danish Designs Union Jack Deep Duvet
RRP £37.99 Our Price £29.99

This beautifully presented duvet features a vintage style twist on the traditional Union Jack design, with an antique weave effect. This eye catching duvet is comfortable and durable.


4. Wafcol Complete Adult Beef
RRP £32.99 Our Price £28.49

Wafcol Complete Beef is an outstanding food, which has been carefully formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of the normally active adult dog including strong, well-formed bones, a thick, gloosy coat, toned and well-developed muscles, strong teeth and healthy gums.


5. Magno-Pulse Dog Collar Large
RRP £25.99 Our Price £18.49

The Magno-Pulse magnetic, pain relieving dog collar is scientifically proven to relieve painful and stiff joints, muscular complaints and skin problems.


6. B'Seen Night Light
RRP £4.99 Our Price £3.39

The B'Seen Night Light is a small lightweight torch with a reflective surface, which can be attached to your dogs collar. An absolute must if you walk your dog off its lead in poor light.


7. Goodboy Jolly Jungles
RRP £4.99 Our Price £3.09

The Goodboy Jolly Jungles are plush sound chiped toys that will keep your dog amused for hours. The Goodboy Jolly Jungles have three different designs: leopard, tiger and giraffe and all have a realistic animal sound. Design may vary with each order.


8. Davies Puffed Jerky

RRP £20.99 Our Price £13.99

Original Davies Puffed Jerky is made with only fresh meat and are ideal for your dog. Additive and gluten free Davies Puffed Jerky contains no cereals, fish, soya, milk products, sugar or added salt.

9. Adaptil Diffuser
RRP £34.58 Our Price £22.49

Adaptil, formerly known as DAP, is a synthetic copy of the natural canine appeasing pheromone proven to help support dogs in a range of stressful situations. The Adaptil Diffuser is a discrete plug-in which bathes the home in a synthetic copy of the 'canine appeasing pheromone', a natural product proven to comfort both puppies and adult dogs.


10. Naturediet Lamb with Vegetables and Rice
RRP £17.10 Our Price £13.99

Naturediet is a complete natural dog food based on strict holistic principles. They believe in keeping dogs naturally healthy, that's why their wet food is hypoallergenic and free from artificial ingredients, preservatives and other nasty chemicals; perfect for fussy eaters or dogs with allergies. All Naturediet food contains at least 60% real meat, brown rice, vegetables, herbs and other natural goodness.