Celebrating Our 1 Year Partnership With Rainforest Trust UK

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This month, we are celebrating our 1 year partnership as a Conservation Circle partner with Rainforest Trust UK. We are extremely proud to have been given the opportunity to work with an incredible charity, helping them work towards their goal with a mission to save endangered wildlife, preserving rainforests, and ultimately protecting our planet.

Rainforests are one of the most important natural resources on Earth, and the long-term protection of them is crucial for the survival of our planet. In the fight against climate change, we know that trees are our greatest allies, and every second an acre of forest is lost to deforestation, so it’s up to us to protect them in order to protect our future.

Thanks to the help of our customers and our partnership with Rainforest Trust UK, so far we have protected…

“Save rainforests. Save species. Save the planet”

Rainforest Trust UK

About Rainforest Trust UK

For over 30 years, Rainforest Trust UK have successfully demonstrated that safeguarding vital habitat is the most effective way to protect wildlife. By identifying and focusing on key biodiversity areas around the world that require protecting, it allows them to productively save ecosystems across the globe.

Devastatingly, more than 50% of the world’s tropical forests have been lost due to aggressive deforestation for logging, mining, and agriculture. These tropical forests harbour hundreds and thousands of species, and are home to millions of Indigenous communities; but with deforestation, these habitats are being wiped out. Additionally, millions of carbon stored in rainforests are being released into the atmosphere, which has detrimental effects on our climate, contributing to increasing temperatures, progressively severe droughts, and rising sea levels.

Once the areas of land in need of protection are identified, they are categorised into one of the following types:

Private Reserves - Reserves are individual parcels, or multiple parcels of land that are secured for conservation, and maintained by dedicated partners.

National Parks - National parks are areas of land that are set aside by national governments to preserve the natural environment. With the support of their partners, these national parks can be open for public recreation and enjoyment.

Community Forest - Local people are directly involved as a critical stakeholder in the management of protecting land recognised as part of a Community Forest project. They work closely with partners and the government to make land-use decisions.

Indigenous Land Titling - Projects assigned as indigenous land titling, allow indigenous communities to gain legal rights to their land through the help and support of Rainforest Trust UK partners and government.

Their Mission

With a vision of protecting half of the Earth’s lands and waters, providing a sanctuary for wildlife, and stabilizing the climate, Rainforest Trust UK works tirelessly to save endangered species and protect the planet through creating rainforest reserves by enabling partnerships, community engagements, and donor support.

By 2025, Rainforest Trust UK aims to lock up 15 billion tons of carbon, the equivalent of three years’ emissions from the entire United States Economy. Engaging people in their conservation mission is also an extremely important goal of the work they do. And by 2025 will have reached half a billion people with their brand and mission, and will have respected, engaged, and empowered people across all areas of their work.

Recently, they announced a $500 million commitment to conserve 30% of the planet by 2030 through launching the Protecting Our Planet Challenge. Studies have shown that protected areas are one of the most cost-effective ways to safeguard nature, vulnerable communities, and our climate. The effective management and preservation of at least 30% of the planet in areas in desperate need, could ultimately protect up to 80% of plant and animal species, secure 60% of the world’s carbon stocks, and conserve 66% of the planet’s clean water.

Their Contribution

The success of the work they do is measured by a multitude of factors and differs across their projects, which include multi-year projects to save large landscapes, protecting entire species of wildlife in just a few acres, ensuring Indigenous communities gain legal rights, or safely storing millions of tons of carbon.

So far, Rainforest Trust UK has protected more than 37 million acres of land by establishing protected areas in partnership with local organisations and engaged communities across more than 50 countries. The protection of threatened rainforests over the years has helped store 13.9 billion tons of carbon, and saved 34.9 billion trees.

Ultimately, healthy rainforests are crucial for a long-lasting, healthy planet. But it's up to us to work collectively, support, and donate wherever, and whenever we can, so that Rainforest Trust can continue their protection of the world's most important natural resources.

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