Celebrate with Our 8th Anniversary Sale!

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Celebrate with Our 8th Anniversary Sale!

We would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty and custom over the past 8 years. With our growing popularity and interest, this has led to hundreds of thousands of parcels being shipped all over the world! We have listened to the demand of our customers and have placed an even better service for you, making your experience with Unineed faster and easier.

As it's our 8th anniversary, we wanted to do something really special for you this year and to show our deep appreciation, we decided to provide you with the biggest sale we have ever done with exclusive offers just for you!

Below you will be able to see these Special Anniversary Promotions!

Date: 21st March – 4th April

When you use the special anniversary discount code 8BDAY you will unlock 15% off with any order, plus a free gift bundle:

Option 1: Free gift worth £25 when you spend £75 or more after the discount

Option 2: Free gift worth £55 when you spend £150 or more after the discount!





We also have specific offers for each individual brand or category, details can be seen in the below table:


LINK: https://www.unineed.com/8th-birthday-page

Brands Code value Promo Code URL
La Prairie up to 25% off extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?brands[]=94
Elizabeth Arden up to 60% off extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?brands[]=50
Omorovicza up to 15% off extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/skincare/omorovicza.html
Erno Laszlo up to 45% off plus extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/skincare/erno-laszlo.html
Clarins up to 51% off plus extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?brands[]=44
PHILIPS up to 50% off extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/philips-store
Swarovski up to 40% off extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/accessories/swarovski.html
Versace up to 70% off extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?brands[]=1364
Gweniss up to 30% off extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/bags/gweniss-handbags.html
Chloe up to 63% off plus extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?brands[]=1373



LINK: https://www.unineed.com/8th-anniversary-page

Product Code Value Promo Code Link
La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream - 20ml extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/la-prairie-skin-caviar-luxe-eye-lift-cream-20ml.html
Philips Sonicare Protective Clean Toothbrush HX6850/10 - Black extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/philips-sonicare-protective-clean-toothbrush-hx6850-10.html
Omorovicza - Queen Of Hungary Mist (100ml) extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/omorovicza-queen-of-hungary-mist-100ml-29722.html
Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/erno-laszlo-hydra-therapy-skin-vitality-treatment.html
Clarins New Double Serum - 50ml extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/clarins-double-serum-50ml.html
Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum - 60 Capsules extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/elizabeth-arden-advanced-ceramide-capsules-daily-youth-restoring-serum-60caps.html
Chloe CE725S 799 - Women's Light Yellow Crystal and Gold Sunglasses extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/chloe-ce725s-799-women-s-light-yellow-crystal-and-gold-sunglasses.html
Swarovski Duo Evil Eye Pendant - Blue extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/swarovski-duo-evil-eye-pendant-blue.html
Swarovski Small Iconic Swan Pendant - Rose Gold extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/swarovski-small-iconic-swan-pendant-rose-gold.html
Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956/00 IPL Hair Removal Device extra 15% off 8BDAY https://www.unineed.com/philips-lumea-prestige-bri95600-ipl-hair-removal-device.html


Brands Code value Promo Code URL
L'Oreal up to 66% off extra 20% OFF 8BDAY20 https://www.unineed.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?brands[]=108
Nuxe up to 30% off extra 20% OFF 8BDAY20 https://www.unineed.com/skincare/nuxe.html
Olay up to 63% off extra 20% OFF 8BDAY20 https://www.unineed.com/skincare/olay.html
Bourjois up to 70% off extra 20% OFF 8BDAY20 https://www.unineed.com/makeup/bourjois.html
Winter Accessories up to 55% off extra 25% OFF 8BDAY25 https://www.unineed.com/sale/winter-shop.html
Calvin Klein up to 30% off extra 25% OFF 8BDAY25 https://www.unineed.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?brands[]=33
Tom Ford Sunglasses up to 45%off extra 25% OFF 8BDAY25 https://www.unineed.com/accessories/tom-ford.html
Overstock - final clearance up to 60% off extra 25% OFF 8BDAY25 https://www.unineed.com/sale/last-chance-to-buy.html
Siebensachen up to 25% off extra 30% OFF 8BDAY30 https://www.unineed.com/accessories/siebensachen.html
Coach up to 20% off extra 30% OFF 8BDAY30 https://www.unineed.com/bags/coach.html
Furla up to 46% off extra 30% OFF 8BDAY30 https://www.unineed.com/accessories/furla.html

Thank you for your continued support of our business! It’s your loyalty that allows us to grow every year to be able to offer you these amazing deals!

Best Wishes Always from Unineed Team


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