Calling New Publishers! What's So Great About LED's?

Written by NicoleLedHut on . Posted in Programme Launches

Hi All,

Hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine?

Although we here at LED Hut live and breathe all things LED and are self-confessed LED geeks, we are aware that many people are not as passionate about the subject as we are, and you may very well be in the dark about just why buying LED's is such a NO-BRAINER!

So, why should visitors to your website buy LED's instead of traditional light bulbs?

1) They use much less energy than traditional light bulbs. Just by switching from traditional light bulbs to LED bulbs you will save up to 90% on your lighting bill, and reduce carbon footprint

2) They last much, much longer than traditional light bulbs - on average LED's last 50,000 hours, that's around 20 times longer! No more changing light bulbs in hard to reach places...

3) LED bulbs do not get hot - all energy is used lighting the bulb, not generating heat. LED's are a much safer choice

Why should you promote LED Hut?

1) We pay a brilliant 10% commission

2) We have an average basket value of around £100 - that's an easy to earn £10 per order!

3) Rapidly growing market - everyone will need LED's - quite simply they are the future of home & business lighting

Why not try LED lighting for yourself? If you run a blog/review website and would like some LED lights to test drive, then please do get in touch - we would love to hear from you!