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This is the first post to announce the launch of Calendar Club UK on Affiliate Window - welcome! Sign-up for our programme to instantly get the 10% commission base rate climbing to 15% (more details below). If you have a content site, blog, shopping portal or any other online resource referencing Animals, Art, Celebrities, Families, Entertainment, Home and Gardens, Models, Science and Nature, Travel or Sports, we have the ideal self-purchase and gift products for you. Read to the end of the post for the Launch Offer Details...

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Example Banner - Family and Dogs

Caption: Example Banner - Family and Dogs


About Calendar Club UK

Calendar Club UK has the biggest range of Calendars, Planners, Diaries and Annuals online which is why we say we have, "The Best Selection of Calendars in the Known Universe" and the whole range is open to you! Our brand is extremely well known thanks, in part, to our high street presence around Christmas time in the shopping centres around the UK and Ireland (it will be 300 stores this year). Our online store is popular, easy to navigate and search (necessary for our 2,600+ titles in 2013) and our prices are competitive. We have tight stock control, fast shipping to any destination worldwide, an excellent Customer Services team to back-up your sales and unrivaled back office systems to support our vast warehouse and team... basically, we are top of the Calendar business and deliver on our promises.


Programme Details

Commission: Immediately on sign-up you receive the base 10% commission rate on your total order value (product inc. VAT plus shipping) on your Qualifying Purchases (see terms in our Affiliate Window profile for when orders may be deemed Non-qualified). will add increments of 1% to your Commission Rate when the total of your affiliate sales from Qualifying Purchases have reached certain quantity levels (they need to stay at these levels or your rate could be decreased again - assessed monthly). For example, when you signup initially on the programme you will receive 10% commission on Qualifying Sales and when they increase to the following levels you receive further additions of 1% automatically:

10 Orders (+1%) = 11% Total Commission Rate
25 Orders (+1%) = 12% Total Commission Rate
75 Orders (+1%) = 13% Total Commission Rate
200 Orders (+1%) = 14% Total Commission Rate
500 Orders (+1%) = 15% Total Commission Rate

BONUS: If you place links on your home page or on a category specific page, your Commission Rate will be set to 12% of Qualifying Sales as long as the links remain on those pages (if removed your Commission Rate may reduce back down to lower percentages dependent on your sales volume). Please contact your Affiliate Window account manager or the affiliate manager (me) to have your commission lifted to 12% if you think you qualify.

Feed: Our product feed is comprehensive and includes most of our stock so you will have no shortage of products on offer to your customers.

Cookies: We are starting out our programme with a 30 day cookie but this may rise to at least 60 days in the future.

Sale Validation: Initially 30 days, decreasing down to 14 days in the future.

Brand Bidding: Not allowed I'm afraid but we can work together on finding a niche for your PPC campaigns.

Point of Contact: You get a dedicated Affiliate Manager (that's me - Glenn) and I am happy to talk on the phone or over email (both details below) to discuss your application or any other aspects of our working relationship. I'm pretty social and you'll find me in our social accounts helping customers and promoting our brand, primarily, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to name the major ones.

Contact Telephone: 0845 245 0387

Contact Email:

See our full terms and conditions or contact me direct with any questions you may have about the programme. Thanks.


Launch Offer Details

The Calendar season is now underway, yes even now! So, to help you attract those Early Birds, as we call them, we have an initial, and attractive, "Free Delivery over £15" Discount Code for you to offer your audience starting in the last week of September 2012 (now in fact!) and running for just under a month. Our banners are uploaded, they look great thanks to our in-house designer (see a sample at the top of this post), so you can hit the ground running and really see those sales ramp up, and quite quickly, towards our busiest period - November and December.

SSSH, it's a secret... we will also be launching some new products on our site this year including Games, Puzzles, Toys and more so the range will be even bigger for you - all in the one programme, no separate sign-up required. More details in a month or less when I know more!

I look forward to working with you and boosting your income. Click Join Now below to start the application process...


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