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We have a fabulous new product alert for you!

The Regal Oval Deep-Sided Dog Bed is now live onsite

Bunty’s newly launched Personalised Regal Oval Deep-Sided Dog Bed is a high-quality, durable product that is perfect for dogs of all sizes. The bed is made in the United Kingdom from durable fabric and is available in two different colours that will blend in with your home decor. The bed is 100% machine washable, and the removable inner cushion makes it easy to clean. You personalised your choice of bed with your dog’s name at no extra cost.

The Regal Oval Deep-Sided Dog Bed

What Are The Benefits of Deep-Sided Dog Beds?

There are many benefits to using high-sided dog beds, especially for breeds that are prone to joint problems, senior dogs or puppies who like a den-type bed.

The extra height of the sides helps support the dog's weight and alleviates pressure on the joints. The sides also provide a feeling of security and safety for the dog, which can be especially helpful for dogs or puppies who may be experiencing anxiety or stress.

The Regal Oval Deep Sided Dog Bed

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How To Choose The Right Size Dog Bed?

Choosing the right size dog bed is an important decision for any pet owner. The wrong size bed can be uncomfortable for your dog and may not fit properly in your home. There are a few things you'll need to consider when choosing a dog bed, including your dog's size, weight, and sleeping habits.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right size dog bed:

Measure your dog from nose to tail and consult a size chart to find the right bed size.

Consider your dog's weight when selecting a bed. Heavier dogs will need a sturdier bed that can support their weight.

Take into account your dog's sleeping habits. If he likes to sprawl out, you'll need a larger bed. But if he's a cuddler, a smaller bed will be just fine.

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