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Dear Affiliates

Thanks for another record month. BULKPOWDERS is gaining more and more traction and you are a big part of that story.  We are delighted (but not smug) about our 90% AWin rating, 1 day validation period and have every intention of keeping them at this level!

In the meantime,  we have a big month ahead.


LDP10  - gives a new customer £10 off 1st order (min order value £50)

LDP5  - gives a new customer £5 off 1st order (min order value £30)


May is the start of the run-in to summer and that, for many of our customers is the run-in to the "beach body".  We have 2 weight loss offers:

TSF30 - 30% discount off Thermol Non Stimulant (a thermogenic fat burner)

RK15  - 15% discount off Raspberry Ketones.

Note: All vouchers above valid from 1st to 31st May


During the course of this month we will be launching our re-brand.  Visually, BULKPOWDERS will look quite different and completely differentiated from our main competitor (He-Who-Must-Not-be-Named). Functionally, it's going to be much better for mobile and we're really excited about how that's going to improve our smart phone conversion.

On launch, we will replace all our banners automatically.  If you have created any bespoke, let us know if you want any help.  We will also have some great re-launch discounts that we will be more than happy to share with you!

Have a great month.  Onwards and upwards!

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