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Dear Affiliates

An excellent January - showing exactly the power of good affiliate marketing and demonstrating the growth potential of the BulkPowders brand.  So thank all for that.  For February we have a little more of the same, with strong first time order incentives plus 3 extra offers.

February Coupons

  • FIRST5 (£5 off first order >£35)
  • LEX10 (£10 off first order >£60)
  • MAN20 (20% off all male hormone products including DAA, ZMA, our test booster T-Surge and Bulbine Natalensis)
  • CHERRY (15% off our new Tart Cherry Extract -a unique product in the market place with fantastic antioxidant and recovery characteristics)
  • HMB20 (20% off HMB Powder)

* All valid until 28th Feb

We'll be offering up some playfull creative on the male hormone campaign to support a slightly tongue in cheek campaign for Valentine's (Man Up for Valentine's).

Some really good feedback from some of our top affiliates:

  • Campaigns work best when using our synonym file (to pick up product specific searches).  Get in touch if you want a copy.
  • Some of the big high-street brands are really struggling - consider using them as a way to cross-sell to us.

Looking forward to another great month.


Kind Regards

Jos Williams


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