Buddy Dogs At Guide Dogs

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Buddy Dogs At Guide Dogs

Buddy dogs, changing young people’s lives since 2012
Buddy dogs are trainee guide dogs that haven't quite made the grade to become a guide dog, but we believe they can improve the quality of life of young people who are blind and partially sighted. These special dogs are matched up to children and young people to help increase their confidence and self-esteem, as well as improving their communication and mobility skills.

Abigail and Ursula
Ten-year-old Abigail Lewis has very little sight due to a rare condition called neurofibromatosis. One day, she dreams of living a life of independence with the help of a guide dog. With the help of her buddy dog Ursula, she’s already made big steps towards that dream.
Sara, Abigail’s mum says: “Abigail and I used to hold hands walking to school but now Abigail walks on slightly ahead with Ursula. She’s more confident now and is happier at school.”
There's an article about Abigail and Ursula on the Guide Dogs website:-
Vinny and August
We've recently had a dog called Vinny who was training as a guide dog, but who was assessed as unsuitable for a guide dog. This was because Vinny tended to be a bit too laid back so was often reluctant to take the lead and guide his handler. However, due to his calm and loving temperament it was clear that Vinny would be perfectly suited to become a buddy dog!
Vinny has recently moved in with his new family and become a buddy dog for 7-year-old August. August was born with cataracts in both eyes and has grown up with limited vision. We recently posted the following photo of Vinny and August at the library on Facebook.

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