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Hi Affiliates,
I hope you’re well.


I am getting in contact to draw your attention to the wide array of deep linking options on the BT broadband programme.  You may not be aware, but it is possible to land customers on to a number of different pages (dependant on product) and also isolate offers on those pages. I’ve listed out below all the main affiliate landing pages you can use.


If you have any questions please feel free to drop an email to –

Kind regards,
The BT Affiliate Team


(Remember to replace !!!id!!! with your personal PID)

If you would like to use the general affiliate link, use this one:!!!id!!!&clickref=&
This page has all the main dual play BT deals (all with ability to add TV) and is the most popular page to deep link to.

If you would like to isolate a specific product on this page you can do so by adding ‘?packid=’ to the URL. For Example:
Broadband + Calls:!!!id!!!&clickref=&

Unlimited Broadband + Calls:!!!id!!!&clickref=&


BT Infinity 1 + Calls:!!!id!!!&clickref=&

Unlimited BT Infinity 2 + Calls:!!!id!!!&clickref=&

Unlimited Broadband extra + Calls:!!!id!!!&clickref=&

Unlimited BT Infinity 1 + Calls:!!!id!!!&clickref=&







TV PACKAGES!!!id!!!&clickref=&
The two TV options:
TV Essential. (with broadband and Infinity)  On-demand shows and Box Office movies on BT Player.
TV Entertainment. (with Infinity only) Unlimited on-demand shows included and access to Vision Film on BT Player.
To isolate the specific TV packages you can do so on this page using the same format as the popular offers page – For example:
Infinity BB + TV Essentials!!!id!!!&clickref=&
Broadband + TV Essentials!!!id!!!&clickref=&
Unlimited Broadband + TV Essentials!!!id!!!&clickref=&
Infinity + TV Entertainment!!!id!!!&clickref=&
Unlimited Infinity + TV Entertainment!!!id!!!&clickref=&