BT Business Broadband Great New Offer!

Written by sophie.s on . Posted in Programme Launches

We are delighted to inform you of a new BT Business offer, the 1p BT Business Deal which is aimed at new customers buying a line and broadband package from BT business.

Customers who take out a BT business phone line from Monday 23rd January 2012 can then add broadband for just 1p for the first 3 months and unlimited calls for 1p also for the first 3 months. This includes calls to UK landlines, mobiles and over 190 countries for only 1p a month. A customer can also add unlimited calls from a BT business mobile for just 1p also for the first 3 months.


All broadband and phone line packages start from £15.51 a month* (line rental of £15.50 and then broadband for 1p);

Basic Broadband and phoneline = £15.51* per month , for first 3 months(24 month contract)

Phone line, Broadband & Unlimited calls = £15.52* per month, for first 3 months(24 month contract)

*excluding VAT


This is applicable for all package types for the first 3 months. Depending on the broadband type a customer goes for this, the cost after 3 months will vary.


Terms and conditions apply, please see for details.

Please note this offer is only valid on package sales and a minimum 24 month contract is required. The offer end date has yet to be confirmed. The offer can be bought on and offline.

Please note there will substantial activity supporting this offer including;


1. Press launching from 30th January in 7 title

2. Online banners launching w/c 13th February

3. EM and DM beginning w/c 6th February

4. Separate online campaign landing page