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Hi All,


Currently BrightHouse only validate against leads which have converted into a sale (come to store and sign up to an agreement).


All leads delivered via all online channels are placed through a call centre process and given a status of either accepted, appointment or declined.


We understand that sometimes leads which have been accepted via the call centre process, they do not show up at the store to sign off their agreements or may take a considerable amount of time before they do eventually show up in store.


As a result we have decided to create a new commission tier in which BrightHouse as a show of faith and investment in the channel will award a reduced commission rate of £15 for leads which have gone through the call centre process and have been provisionally accepted, however they do not show up at store to sign off this agreement.


Therefore BrightHouse want to still reward affiliates on delivering leads which still have quality but unfortunately do not complete the sale process.


This means BrightHouse have taken on some of the risk from leads which do not convert to sale but have some good quality and will reward affiliates for there efforts.


For affiliates this means they can continue to promote the campaign knowing that their leads will be rewarded on tiers based on their quality and whether they turn into a sale.



New Commission Structure:

£35 per conversion (Lead which converts to a sale)


£15 per call centre called and 'accepted' lead (As a additional bonus to the campaign in the event a lead is accepted over the phone but does not show up at the store to sign off their agreement we will still pay £15 for this call centre qualified lead)


In the run up to Christmas this is BrightHouses peak period, so please get promoting now!


There are a wide selection of banners available and an email creative available via the interface.





Any queries feel free to get in touch with ourselves ( or the AWIN contact (


Best Regards,


Andrew Chung

Andrew Chung - Head of Affiliates, Twentysix Affiliates
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