Boots Cashback Rates Information

Written by HollieM on . Posted in Programme Launches

Hi Affiliates,
Hope you’re well!

We wanted to let you know of some of the recent changes on the Boots programme.  We have been reviewing our commission structure and in order to make cashback more user friendly and streamlined Boots have decided to introduce a flat rate for all commissions driven through cashback sites.

The rates will be changing to the below on the 5/02/2018

2% New customers and Existing Customers on all categories. 
However we will still be able to offer CPA increases in return for exposure.

This will be run as a 1 month trial and will be back in touch should these rates change off the back off post trial analysis.

We value our relationship with you and would love to hear your thoughts, so please reach out to us via the below email address.


The Boots Affiliate Team