Boossh the new weight loss brand sweeping the UK, now joined Affiliate Windows,

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About Boossh

Boossh is set to be the fastest growing
consumer brand in the UK!

Boossh products combined with healthy eating equals faster sustainable weight loss.    The Boossh brand is engaging and enjoys mass consumer appeal.

Boossh has extensive national advertising across the main glossy magazines with TV advertising
due to commence shortly, as well as a strong
online presence.

Boossh has it's own unique identity and has created it's own dialogue,
you will see, “Get Boosshing”, “Start Boosshing today”,
“Time for a quick Boossh”, “Are you Boosshed” and “Fancy a Boossh”.

The brand is fun and engaging and has mass consumer appeal. Boossh is the brand to be involved with; it has racked up over 12,500 likes on Facebook in only a matter of weeks. You can view some of our brand advertising and TV ad storyboards in our documents area

Why Join the Boossh affiliate program?

Boossh is going to be huge and you can enjoy high earnings by being involved.

It does not get any better than the weight loss sector.

All our advertising banners, animated and static  have full Boossh branding
offering a FREE week of Boossh products, linked to a bundle offer-landing page.

Boossh products are new and innovative and have been developed with some of the worlds leading nutritional companies, they are all fully fortified with vitamins and minerals and we have a full team of dieticians who have worked for the NHS and have extensive experience.

Voucher codes available

Quick Payment Green Status Company

We approve all sales every 14 days, and will pay you by Direct Debit

Special Launch Offer

*First 30 affiliates that drive a sale will receive 30% on going

*Boossh pay 20% commission to affiliates on all product sales

*Average sale value on our special bundle offers with FREE    weeks are £180 therefore commission is £36.00 per sale

*Advertisements promoting our bundle offer direct clients to a page where they can enjoy a weeks worth of FREE Boossh

*Sales achieved £10,000 - 25% commission

*Sales achieved £15,000 - 28% commission

*Sales are for UK, Ireland, USA and Europe (launching in the USA and Europe very shortly)

*Fabulous range of branded banners available, static and animated, all offering client a FREE Week of products.

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Boossh - The new exciting weight loss brand