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Hi All

Some people work out for weight loss, others want to build muscle or boost stamina and a feeling of well being ... some are just plain honest about wanting to look good!

Whatever the motivation, Bodybuilding Warehouse do provide the right supplements at the right price with free delivery and real expert support and service for both beginners and pros.


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So, without further ado, we are proud to announce the launch of the Bodybuilding Warehouse program with Affiliate Window!

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Our competitive commissions can make a difference to your earnings with 12% for new customers and 5% for repeat orders. But why stop there? Anyone who is searching for the right formulation supplements, at the right concentration for a decent price will naturally end up at our doors simply because we offer the best in the market with Free Delivery. The commission structure is as follows:


New Customer 12%
New Customer with voucher 10%
Existing Customer 5%
Existing Customer with voucher 2%


We aren’t offering a launch incentive and hope you don’t mind. We’d prefer to value you with a decent commission structure, the benefits of a great network and a real desire to get to know you and work closely with you to building your revenues. However, we are more than happy to discuss bespoke offers on an individual basis.

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About Bodybuilding Warehouse:

Bodybuilding Warehouse is the UK's leading sports supplement superstore. We stock over 70 brands from around the world - some difficult or even impossible to find elsewhere! We also supply our own range of truly exceptional sports supplements that are unbeatable for quality, value and taste. We are unique in this industry in providing the best of both worlds - branded, and bulk supplements, all under one roof, with one convenient delivery.

Bodybuilding Warehouse started from humble beginnings. Founded in 2008 with just 7 products, we now occupy a 7,000 square foot warehouse in Manchester with a team of staff, thousands of products, and a national presence in all the major magazines. We are the fastest growing sports supplement company in the UK, and we put this down one simple thing - our customer service!


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