Best Selling Pelvic Toners At Stress No More

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Stress No More

Our pelvic toners allow you to manually perform your kegels correctly - whilst providing an indication your doing it right - genius! Remember a strong pelvic floor keeps you in control - use it or lose it! See All Of Our Products In: Pelvic Toners.

Best Selling Pelvic Toners
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Kegel8 Day Toner
Kegel8 Day Toner
- Kegel8 Day Toner
- The kegel exerciser you wear for constant toning, day or night
- Wear at home or work and perfect for the gym
- Stops those pesky leaks
- Boosts the effectiveness of your Kegel8 Electronic Exerciser for faster results
Our Price £29.99

Gyneflex Regular
Gyneflex Regular
- Includes two exercisers, strengths 3 & 4
- For moderate to light stress incontinence
- Isotonic exercise which builds muscle strength
- Free sample of Astroglide
Our Price £39.95

Pelvicisor Vaginal Barbell
Pelvicisor Vaginal Barbell
- Advanced vaginal barbell and kegel exerciser
- Start by laying down, then progress to standing
- Use either end, depending on muscle tone
- Cool it and use anally to relieve piles
- Recommended by Therapist Betty Dodson
Our Price £40.99

Pelvic Toner
Pelvic Toner
- Pelvic Toner progressive resistance pelvic exerciser
- Available on prescription - easy to use giving fast results
- Stronger spring available for advanced users
- Featured on ITV's This Morning, C4's Embarassing Bodies
- Uses kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor
Our Price £30.99

Incostress Vaginal Pessary - Instant Control
Incostress Vaginal Pessary - Instant Control
- IncoStress is a vaginal pessary with instant results
- It gently rests on your urethra to stop leaks
- No more pads or wetness as results are instant
- Also helps you 'kegel exercise' & strengthen your pelvic floor
- Perfect for day use and during sports activities too.
- Body-friendly and environmentally friendly too!
Our Price £28.99

PFX2 Pelvic Floor Exerciser
PFX2 Pelvic Floor Exerciser
- Caters to pelvic floor muscles of all strengths
- Displays progress & level of performance
- Rejuvenates weak pelvic floor muscles
- Simple to use, delivers great results
- Full instructions included
Our Price £89.99

Kegel 8 Hab-it Pelvic Floor DVD
Kegel 8 Hab-it Pelvic Floor DVD
- Must have pelvic exercise DVD set - watch trailer below!
- Set includes: Pelvic Floor DVD, Exercise band
- Use with Kegel exercisers to exercise core muscles
- Hints, tips etc on posture & exercise
- Helps you to take back control - Highly rated!
Our Price £27.99

Kegel8 Exercise Cones
Kegel8 Exercise Cones
- Kegel8 vaginal exercise cones
- 3 assorted weights with indicator wand
- 12 week pelvic exercise plan included
- Indicator shows you are exercising correctly
- Fast & effective way to pelvic floor strength
Our Price £26.99

AquaFlex Pelvic Floor Exercise System
AquaFlex Pelvic Floor Exercise System
- As featured on C4's Embarrassing Bodies
- Improve your pelvic tone by 60%
- Variable size cones with different weights
- Improves bladder control & sexual sensation
- Results in just 12 weeks if used daily
Our Price £25.99

Pannile Vaginal Exerciser
Pannile Vaginal Exerciser
- Fabulous device for pelvic strengthening
- You can record your strength & improve
- Teaches how to work your muscles correctly
- Can be used vaginally or anally
- You'll notice amazing results in weeks
Our Price £69.99