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Written by Riccardo on . Posted in Programme Launches

Dear Affiliates

Hope you are well!

We’re writing today to let you know that our commission structure will be changing, effective in 7 days from now. (Discounted sales will be launched later)

The new commission structure is aligned with our overall business goals, as we focus on driving both efficiencies and striving for continued growth, particularly of our newly launched Own Brand.

In a bid to boost efficiencies within our affiliate programme, we have highlighted three areas in which commissions will be lowered; Items that are on sale or have had a discount code used against them, will now be reduced to 2% commission; Sales of any electrical brands will be reduced to 2%, and sales of ‘The Ordinary’ brand, will now be reduced to 3% commission.

By driving efficiencies here, it will allow us to offer increased commission and rewards for coverage and sales of our Own Brand products which launched last September. Over the next year our collection will continue to grow, with new products launching every few weeks. Initial performance and feedback has been amazing, with our own brand continuously sitting within our top selling products each week. We’re excited to see how our Own Brand will continue to grow into this year, and we’re keen to hear from you how you can help us grow awareness and sales.

Our new commission structure therefore, will change to:

‘Beauty Bay’ own brand sales: 10%

‘The Ordinary’ sales: 3%

Electricals sales: 2%

Discounted sales: 2%

Standard: 7%

If you have any questions on the above, please let us know!”

Happy Promoting
The Beauty Bay Affiliate Team