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Being the leading home delivered Diet Company in the UK, Bodychef gives its customers everything they will need to diet and lose weight! Bodychef's advertising techniques are not to go unmissed, as they secure placements in leading national magazines, TV advertisements and have a strong influence on social media channels.

Bodychef has created it's own unique identity separating itself from all other diet brands in the UK.  We offer 15 of the top rated diet plans that customers can customize as they wish. Our healthy fresh foods are then delivered to each customer’s doors saving them the hassle of shopping for ingredients.

Our brand is fun and engaging and has mass consumer appeal. We have worked with celebrities, journalists and bloggers, all of which have lost weight and praised our service and meal plans.  (http://bit.ly/19lqpdS)

Why Join the Bodychef affiliate programme?

We want you to Succeed with us! We are looking for eager affiliates who want to earn and grow with Bodychef.

By partnering with us NOW we can offer you 8% commission per Hamper sold through February-March. Our clientele is constantly increasing, and there is no better time to start a diet than RIGHT NOW! Help others prepare for Summer with a Bodychef Diet Plan and reap the rewards!

All our advertising banners have been customized, branding our slogan, logo and a 10% discount off ANY of our 15 diet plan. 

Our products are know for being fresh, healthy and delicious! Working with top chefs to create original, enjoyable meals, snacks and condiments. By partnering with Bodychef you can be part of the massive profit the diet industry see’s in their most critical months!

 Advertisements promoting our bundle offer direct clients to a page where they can enjoy 10% of ANY total hamper price!

Voucher codes available for all affiliates to pass on to their customers: AW10

Publishers will receive 8% of every sale made to their audience.

Affiliate ID: 6178