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Being hedgehog aware before you start gardening can help keep hedgehogs out of any prickly situations.
Many hedgehogs suffer horrific injuries each year due to people forgetting to check before they start to trim, mow and use other tools to maintain their outdoor spaces.

We at Hyundai Power Products were recently contacted by 15-year-old hedgehog champion Dylan Allman from Monmouth who has been campaigning tirelessly over the past two years to raise awareness of the plight of one of the UK’s most iconic and beloved small mammals.

To mark Hedgehog Awareness Week 2022, we are proud to announce that all of our lawn mowers and grass trimmers coming off the production line will now feature a 'Be Hedgehog Aware' sticker to remind customers to check for hedgehogs before undertaking any garden maintenance.

The first batch of machines with the ‘Be Hedgehog Aware’ stickers have just come off the production line, and as a company, we can’t wait for them to be delivered to the UK’s gardeners to start helping reduce the number of hedgehogs injured in UK gardens.

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Hyundai Power Products Hedgehog Aware

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