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Every Health Affiliate Programme Launch

Written by Michaela Powis on . Posted in Health & Beauty, Offers/Promotions, Programme Launches

Dear affiliate,

We are very happy to announce the launch of our new affiliate program for Every Health. We can be found on AWIN through our merchant ID: 20943

Programme Description

From whole foods to organic vitamins and from protein powders to omega-3 supplements, discover products for your health needs at Every Health. Shop Garden of Life real food-based range, sustainable omega-3 from MINAMI and weight loss support from OPTIFAST. Fuel your foundation with Klean Athlete and address specific health concerns with OptiFibre, Modulen, ThickenUp and BrainXpert. Explore the full range available online at Every Health."

Our Commission Structure:

  • 13% New Customers
  • 6% Existing Customers

Current Onsite Offers, Promotions, and Discounts:

  • 15% off your first order
  • Save 20% when you create your own bundle

We hope you will join the programme and have a pleasant experience promoting our sleek and user-friendly site.

Feel free to contact me at:

Celltrient US Affiliate Program Launch

Written by Michaela Powis on . Posted in Awin, Offers/Promotions, Programme Launches

Dear affiliate,

Here is some exciting news...

We have launched our Celltrient US Affiliate Program! You can find and join this affiliate program on AWIN with the merchant ID: 20935

What is Celltrient?

Celltrient® is a new brand built on the scientific discoveries linking better aging to improved cellular health. This new range of nutritional solutions offers a new class of nutrients, Cellular. Nutrients, designed to work with your cells natural process to renew vitality and resilience, cell by cell.

Celltrient®  addresses specific cellular processes that start to decline within our 40’s and accelerate through our 60’s . While a healthy diet and regular supplements, such as healthy nutritions contribute to our health, they are not enough to curb our cells’ natural aging process.

Cellular Nutrients work within each of our cells to restore and protect them from the effects of aging.

  • Celltrient®  products are based on clinically studied ingredients validating their safety and efficacy.
  • Celltrient®  Energy has Nicotinamide Riboside, clinically shown to increase NAD+ levels for cell energy production
  • Celltrient®  Strength has Mitopure® Urolithin A, clinically shown to improve mitochondrial health to support muscle health
  • Celltrient®  Protect has a patented combination of nutrients which are the building blocks of Glutathione, the cell’s master antioxidant.

Why join the Celltrient®  Affiliate Program?

• Our site is totally secure so you can browse and shop with confidence

• We offer exclusive discounts and promotions for affiliates

• We welcome partnership opportunities

• We update our banners regularly to reflect the most recent site creative

• Weekly newsletters highlight the top products, offers and collaboration opportunities

• The Celltirent site is mobile optimised and affiliate sales will track through


• We are proud of our pure Celltrient products and warmly welcome you as our affiliates

Standard Commission Rates

• 12% New Customers

• 6% Existing Customers

Current Onsite Offers/Promotions

  1. ‘SPEND $50 & SAVE $5’

We kindly welcome you apply to the Celltrient US affiliate program via AWIN. If you have any questions or would like to discuss about onboarding Celltrient onto your platforms, please don’t hesitate to contact me here: