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Dear Affiliates

Thanks for another record month. BULKPOWDERS is gaining more and more traction and you are a big part of that story.  We are delighted (but not smug) about our 90% AWin rating, 1 day validation period and have every intention of keeping them at this level!

In the meantime,  we have a big month ahead.


LDP10  - gives a new customer £10 off 1st order (min order value £50)

LDP5  - gives a new customer £5 off 1st order (min order value £30)


May is the start of the run-in to summer and that, for many of our customers is the run-in to the "beach body".  We have 2 weight loss offers:

TSF30 - 30% discount off Thermol Non Stimulant (a thermogenic fat burner)

RK15  - 15% discount off Raspberry Ketones.

Note: All vouchers above valid from 1st to 31st May


During the course of this month we will be launching our re-brand.  Visually, BULKPOWDERS will look quite different and completely differentiated from our main competitor (He-Who-Must-Not-be-Named). Functionally, it's going to be much better for mobile and we're really excited about how that's going to improve our smart phone conversion.

On launch, we will replace all our banners automatically.  If you have created any bespoke, let us know if you want any help.  We will also have some great re-launch discounts that we will be more than happy to share with you!

Have a great month.  Onwards and upwards!

Sports Supplements + Improved offers

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Dear Affiliates,

March has been another great month for sports supplements and for BulkPowders in particular.  Our conversion is now up to 15% across our programme, and continuing to grow.  So thanks to you for all your hard work.  And we're going to drive even harder in April.

This month's coupons are:

£5 off 1st order (min order value £35) - CODE RDP5

£10 off 1st order (min order value £60) - CODE RDP10

15% off all carbs - CODE CARBUP

20% off glutamine - CODE GL20

These codes are all valid from 01/04 until 15/04.  We will also be adding some quickfire 48 hour codes to keep things interesting.

We have also added a great  guide to sports supplements which has proved to be very popular.  It might just make the difference on a sale!

Wishing you a great break for Easter and good sales for the month!

Kind regards

Jos Williams

Performance Delivered

Sports Supplements Discounts for April

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Hi All

If like us you've had to remove sunshine from your Easter communications and replace them with snow, you'll be pleased to hear that the sunshine is on the way for all sports supplements consumers.

BulkPowders is pleased to announce 4 fantastic new coupons, offering even better value than last month's.

£10 off 1st order - (min order £60) - CODE RDP10
£5 off 1st order - (min order £35) - CODE RDP5
15% off all carbs - CODE CARBUP
20% off glutamine - CODE GL20

All valid from 01/04 until 15/04

March has continued to see great progress for sports nutrition and for BulkPowders in particular. For that reason, we have decided to push harder and have therefore reduced the minimum order values.

Hoping you all have a great Easter break and great sales for the month!

Kind regards

Jos Williams

BulkPowders March Promos

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Dear Affiliates

Since launching on Affiliate Window  in November, BulkPowders has seen fantastic growth from this channel.  We were already the fastest growing direct only sports nutrition company, and now we're pretty confident that this is working extremely well for our new affiliate colleagues (conversion @ 14.5% | EPC £0.78).

Going into March, we aim to reinforce our strong new customer programme along with some fairly attractive single product promotions.  The March vouchers are therefore:

  • RIP5 - £5 off 1st order >£40
  • RIP10 - £10 off 1st order >£80
  • GL10 -  10% off all Glutamine products
  • THERM15 - 15% off our Thermol Stimulant Free fat burner
  • 20% off Supervits (270 capsules only)

All vouchers are valid for the whole of March.

BulkPowders has continued to see real share growth over the last 6 months.  Many consumers are switching from high street brands to bulk suppliers, and our main bulk competitor has seen some major operational issues.   For that reason we have done really well on sites targeting synonyms and generics (i.e. whey protein) as well as brand search.  Let us know if you want our synonym download file.

Good luck and thanks.

Kind regards

Jos Williams

BulkPowders February Actions

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Dear Affiliates

An excellent January - showing exactly the power of good affiliate marketing and demonstrating the growth potential of the BulkPowders brand.  So thank all for that.  For February we have a little more of the same, with strong first time order incentives plus 3 extra offers.

February Coupons

  • FIRST5 (£5 off first order >£35)
  • LEX10 (£10 off first order >£60)
  • MAN20 (20% off all male hormone products including DAA, ZMA, our test booster T-Surge and Bulbine Natalensis)
  • CHERRY (15% off our new Tart Cherry Extract -a unique product in the market place with fantastic antioxidant and recovery characteristics)
  • HMB20 (20% off HMB Powder)

* All valid until 28th Feb

We'll be offering up some playfull creative on the male hormone campaign to support a slightly tongue in cheek campaign for Valentine's (Man Up for Valentine's).

Some really good feedback from some of our top affiliates:

  • Campaigns work best when using our synonym file (to pick up product specific searches).  Get in touch if you want a copy.
  • Some of the big high-street brands are really struggling - consider using them as a way to cross-sell to us.

Looking forward to another great month.


Kind Regards

Jos Williams


BulkPowders Update | Notice of Commission Changes

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Since launching the Affiliate Window programme, BulkPowders has seen extremely strong growth as a result of strong offers combined with good conversion rates.  In particular, the channel has shown very strong customer acquisition.  January is very important for new customers coming to the supplements market but this has been exacerbated by widespread brand switching this year, probably driven by the VAT issue of last year.

Going forward we will continue with very attractive "first order" offers - these have proved to be very effective as well as a number of product led promotions, focusing on the hard-core (our heaviest product users).

In the meantime we will be tweaking our commission structure:

  • New customer acquisition commission will move to 12%
  • Standard / returning customer commission will move to 4%

In both cases we will remain the highest paying bulk provider.  These rates will be effective from 17 Feb 2013.

In the meantime we continue with some very strong new coupons for the remainder of the month:

  • FSW8 - £5 off 1st order over £30
  • FSW9 - £10 off 1st order over £60
  • GLU15 - 15% off all glutamine products
  • PUMP15 - 15% off Nitric Oxide and all "pump" products

Kind regards

Jos Williams

Affiliate Manager