ASDA - This week's PR stories

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Here's the latest PR update

  • Woman magazine says that Asda’s new Chosen by you fish counters make cooking fish as easy as 1,2,3 – just choose your fish, sauce and then pop it in to cook!
  • The NSpa 5 Minute Magic face pack was given 8 out of 10 by Bella magazine and praised for its skin softening properties.
  • Chosen By You mini chocolate cornflake bites are reviewed in the Aberdeen Evening Express, described as ‘perfection in a packet’. Asda’s chocolate éclairs receive 4/5 and The Tomkin – a cute, pumpkin shaped cherry tomato, is described as a fridge superstar in Reveal.
  • Pizza: Asda pizzas continue to attract positive reviews on Twitter and Facebook with comments on the ‘create your own’ pizzas this week including ‘possibly the best thing ever invented’ and they’re ‘soooo much better than dominos’.
  • Ben & Jerry’s: Customers are still tweeting about Ben & Jerry’s being on offer at £2.50 - one person said they’re ‘Loving life when Ben and Jerrys is only £2.50 in Asda
  • Bakery products: Lots of positive mentions of Asda bakery products this week including muffins, cookies and brownies.
  • Asda’s 100% fruit mixed berry smoothie can’t be faulted for its value in Vegetarian Living.
  • Asda hopes to be the first supermarket to stock home-grown seedless grapes. The Sun writes the grocer has planted green, white and black vines in Kent, and if the trial is successful the fruits could be on sale by 2016. Asda said: “If the trial proves a success not only will our grapes travel fewer miles to our stores but we may soon be able to offer British-grown melons, apricots and kiwis.”
  • The Sunday Express tries a range of supermarket rhubarb yoghurts including the Asda Extra Special Extra Fruity Timperly Rhubarb West Country Yoghurt which gets 8/10; it also recommends Asda’s Extra Special Chateau des Deduits Fleurie 2010
  • The Sun’s weekly basket league found Asda to be the cheapest supermarket with a basket of basic groceries costing £9.29. Morrisons in second at £9.32 and Waitrose at £14.26
  • The Daily Mirror’s Caroline Jones investigates recent studies on the importance of vitamin D to avoid serious health conditions. Asda Pharmacy is giving away free chewable vitamin D tablets to all children from the age of three.


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