American Express: Banner Changes

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Hello Affiliates,

We are in the process of doing some housekeeping within the Darwin system. This specifically relates to the banner area. There are a number of creative’s that should no longer be used as they are either out of date or incorrect.

The only banners anyone should be currently using are for the following products.

• Plat Cashback Everyday Credit Card
• Preferred Rewards Gold
• Gold Business Credit Card

All other creative’s should not be used and will be removed from the system as of next week. This means that if you are currently using those gaps will appear on your sites so it is advised that you take a few minutes and make sure that the creative you are using is correct.

We are also changing the links for all the banner creative’s. These new links will be available in the system from 3pm on Monday so please make sure to login and grab your new links as soon as you can after then. We will be carrying out a full audit thereafter and will be in touch should we find any issues.

If you have any problems feel free to drop us an email or give us a call and we can assist you with any changes.

If you have been contacted with your links already then please ignore the above.


Phone: 0207 5530399


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