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As the 20s get underway, the world of interiors is getting nostalgic, with people starting to create entirely vintage-inspired spaces. As fun and timeless as these décor aesthetics are, they can be hard to put together in a way that seems convincing and elegant, rather than tacky, so we’ve put together a simple guide to help you get there.

Step One- Finding Your Inspiration

The most common mistake people make when putting together vintage-inspired spaces is getting their references confused- mixing elements of different time periods together in one space. This can make the home seem confusing and disjointed. When you start creating a vintage-inspired space, pick one inspiration and draw from references in a similar time period- for example, if you’re inspired by the Great Gatsby, you’d be looking for references dated to the first half of the 1920s.

Step Two- Doing Your Research

You’re designing a home, and not a set piece, so accuracy isn’t everything, but the more accurate you can make your touches, the more cohesive the space will feel. With Google, Instagram, and Pinterest at your disposal, research is an easy step that might help you to get a better feel for what you want and where you could source it from.

Step Three- Sourcing Your Pieces

If you’re looking for vintage-inspired décor, it does make sense to buy a few key pieces second-hand, but you should remember that second-hand shopping comes with its own set of risks, which means that not everything should be bought there. As a general rule, avoid buying beds and anything upholstered from second-hand sources, and instead buy vintage-inspired pieces new. Places that can help you to design your own items, like our bed builder, are especially useful, as you can create pieces to tie everything else together.   

Step Four- Putting it All Together

The final stages are about making all of these items fit into a cohesive room. This is where you might need to get creative and start customising things so that they match better and complement the rest of the room. Finally, add any finishing touches that you need to, and enjoy your new space!

As with any interior design project, vintage decorating is about finding a balance that will make you feel happy, so it’s also important to remember that your comfort comes first. If you’re going to be happier in a modern room with vintage touches, or would rather stay away from vintage furniture entirely, you could always try augmenting with vintage prints or décor items such as glassware, for a more subtle touch.

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