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The Arista Living Aesthetic Report covers interior design aesthetics, asking how you can get the look on your own. Last week we took a look at minimalism, but this week we’re covering the other end of the extreme; all-out colour.

Although Christmas has a traditional palette of golds, greens, reds and whites, many people don’t feel that those colours bring them a tonne of joy or suit their home well. But the joy of Christmas decorating is that it only has to make you feel happy, so you can just pick whichever colours you most like and run with them.

If you’re struggling to pick colours, basic colour theory will help; colours that are near each other on the colour wheel create a relaxing atmosphere, whereas colours that are opposites will create an exciting visual contrast, so it all depends on what you’re looking for. Harmonious colours will work well in any space, but if you have neutral furnishings like this cream bed, the contrast will work better in your favour.

Try to decide on one point of view; is your colour scheme pride-themed? Is it retro? Is it pop-art inspired? For inspiration, try Instagram or Pinterest

Once you’ve decided what will inspire your Christmas decorations, go big or go home. There’s nothing sadder than a half-hearted attempt to be colourful- you won’t get the right effect unless you spread the colour out throughout your home to create a more immersive experience. As for knowing you’ve got it right, you’ll know that it’s perfect when it feels like it represents you.

Photos courtesy of @beckyshomesweethomeaccount on Instagram

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