A Shade Greener Affiliate Program

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We're pleased to announce the launch of the A Shade Greener affiliate program through Affiliate Window.

We firmly believe that this will be a fantastic way to reach thousands of people across England and Wales in order to help them save money on their energy bills.

Who We Are...

ASG is the largest provider of FREE solar panels in the UK. We have installed over 50,000 solar PV systems for FREE since 2010 that have collectively generated 262,392,000 kWh of electricity for our customers and NEVER charged them a penny.

What We Do...

We specialise in offering the British public with energy saving solutions, our products are;

FREE Solar Panels: We offer solar PV systems completely FREE, they cost nothing for the home-owner and save them an average of 50% on their annual electricity bills. In addition to providing and installing the system for FREE we continue to  insure and maintain it for 25 years, ensuring the occupant a lifetime of care-free savings.

What We Offer to YOU...

We're interested in generating leads, what we want is our affiliates to do is get customers to submit enquiries through our website then we can do the rest of the work. You’re free to achieve this by driving traffic to a dedicated landing page through any medium you have at your disposal; from adverts, through blogs, your own website, etc.

Our focus is obtaining the enquiries; scaling commission will be paid per verified enquiry received.

Promo Launch

As an introductory promotion we're offering the full commission rate for all enquiries you generate within your first 30 days of working with us.

Coming Soon to the ASG Affiliate Program...

FREE Wood Pellet Boiler: Wood pellet boilers operate by burning compressed wood pellets as opposed to oil, or other such fuels. Not only are the wood pellets far more environmentally friendly but they're also cheaper than all other off-grid alternatives, offering savings of up to 70% on standard heating costs. Like the solar panels we continue to look after the boiler, providing free servicing and maintenance for 7 years. Not currently part of the affiliate program.

FREE Commercial Boiler: This is the large scale version of the wood pellet boiler. It offers huge savings for commercial properties and is a fantastic way to improve an organisations green credentials. The boiler is serviced and maintained by us for 20 years. Not currently part of the affiliate program.

Viessmann Boilers: Fantastic quality system or combi-boilers. These are available through either; a direct purchase, where there is an option of 0% monthly payments; or through the Everlasting Boilers Agreement, this offers complete care and the boiler for a monthly fee. Not currently part of the affiliate program.