10th December 2020

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If Paris Fashion Week left you wishing you had a little more fashion in your life, you aren’t alone. Whilst fashion designers are obviously best known for designing clothes, many of them took their unique aesthetics into their own homes, creating stunning interiors to inspire their work. We’ve collected some of our favourites below.


 1. Dior


If you know your fashion history, you’ll know that Dior’s work was inspired by the garden of the Granville home he grew up in, and the way the flowers looked against the pastel pink walls of his home. What you might not have known is that he then had to find a way to showcase these dresses indoors in his Paris showroom, and that he changed interior design in doing so.  He took inspiration from Versailles and from the Petit Trianon, painting his whole showroom dove grey and adding cream mouldings. Almost 80 years on, the house remains so influential that the shade of grey he used is referred to as ‘Dior Grey’.


 2. Versace


The Versace house is legendary; partially for having its namesake shot on it’s front doorstep and partially from the incredible amounts of work and attention that went into the maximalist aesthetic. Two rooms of the house are entirely made of seashells, the flooring is majority mosaic and the master bedroom is entirely muralled in the renaissance style. It’s so ornate that the series The Assassination of Gianni Versace wouldn’t have been able to run without access, because there was no way of recreating the building, which is now a hotel, as a set.


3. Armani


Armani’s home is a tribute to minimalism at its best; situated on the picturesque coast of Antigua, Armani felt that he couldn’t add to the natural beauty of the surrounding and stripped back his aesthetic to let the design speak for itself. Expect minimalist grey décor with metallic accents.


4. Valentino.


Valentino’s homes couldn’t be more different; since the mid-70s he’s been vacillating between various maximalist designs, often making the bold choice to match his patterned wallpaper to his upholstered furnishings. It’s an interesting design aesthetic, and probably not for everyone, but definitely worth seeing at least once.


5. Yves Saint Laurent


It’s not possible to talk about interior design and fashion without mentioning Villa Oasis. YSL’s Marrakesh mansion is a place of spectacular beauty, incorporating traditional Arabic shapes and motifs with Saint Laurent’s French roots.


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