10th December 2020

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Seasonal decorating: How to take a room from summer to winter

Autumn is here .. the nights are drawing in and the weather is turning cold. The seasons changing means obvious changes in some areas of your life.  You’re probably getting out winter coats and retiring sundresses and shorts, but we never think about how the seasons influence our interior design. A room that feels appropriate for summer will feel cold and bare in the winter and a room that feels perfect on cold nights will be stuffy and irritating in the heat. Below, we discuss five ways to transition your home from summer to autumn without breaking a sweat (or the bank).

Add Accents

There are lots of bits and bobs in your house you probably rotate seasonally; you might be adding in throws and pillows as it gets colder, for example. A great way of changing the décor to match the seasons is to get all of those accent pieces in matching seasonal colours; if your home is blue, for example, you might want to get seasonal accent pieces in a darker blue so that the home feels cosier.

Add Texture!

Adding in softer textures to your home can make it feel warmer as the seasons change.  If you have hard wood flooring you could think about getting rugs, or about dressing your beds and sofas with more layers to provide a sense of warmth. Think heavier materials than you would use in the summer, with deeper colours and more texture.

Think About Lighting

In summer your lighting probably comes naturally, but in the darker seasons, natural light is limited.  This means you’ll need to come up with a lighting situation that reflects that change. A good way of doing this is to add in secondary light sources like lamps and light fixtures.  This will create a sense of ambience whilst still ensuring that you have good lighting that you can actually see in.

Create Some Ambience

An easy and inexpensive way of creating a more seasonal feel is to light candles or use a diffuser to mark the change in season.  Using fruitier scents for the summer and more aromatic ones in the winter creates a warmer feel and works in literally two minutes.

Changing Foliage

If you’re in the habit of keeping flowers or greenery in your house year-round, a great way to change your interior is to keep them seasonal.  Figure out what is in season and make sure you’re picking flowers or foliage that reflect that. This brings the outdoors in and makes the home seem in keeping with the season.

Photos courtesy of @dougs.digs on Instagram

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