10th October 2019

Publisher News

SPECIAL LAUNCH OPERATION: CPA commission raised to 11% instead of 9% until November 12th + 10% off personalised Coupon code on request.

Who are we?

The company monbento has been inviting freedom lovers to take a new look at mealtimes since 2009.

Monbento is a French brand, developing innovative products to enable freedom lovers to eat wherever they want since 2009:

  • lunch boxes (called bento boxes)
  • reusable bottle,
  • snack boxes,
  • accessories

designed in France and even for some of them Made in France, that combine convenience and style.

Why using our products ?

Using our products enable people to :

  • Cultivate their difference by personalising their own bento box
  • simplify their daily lives by using microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe nomadic tableware
  • taking care of themselves and of the environment by reducing waste.

bento box is a simple solution to

  • Eat better
  • Save money
  • Fight food waste
  • Protect the environment

Why Join monbento Program ?

  • A french brand recognised for the quality of its products and its commitment for a responsible and easy daily life
  • Up to 11% CPA on purchases until November 12th 2019 and 9% after November 12th 2019.
  • Information, banners and photos available



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