22nd August 2019

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Enjoy a HUGE 18% off discount the Leader of Luxury Skincare – FILORGA. Discount valid on whole brand!

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Promo Time: 22/08 - 29/08/2019





  • Filorga - NCEF Essence Supreme Regenerating Lotion (150ml)


LINK: https://www.unineed.com/filorga-nctf-essence-supreme-regenerating-lotion-150ml-30752.html


  • moisturising concentrate uses AQUA-MX technology to provide express and long-lasting hydration in just 30 minutes
  • NCEF® (New Cellular Treatment Factor) combined with an anti-pollution polysaccharide regenerates and reveals radiance in dull complexions
  • Skin prep for products to follow during skin regime. 


  1. Filorga - Time-Filler Eye Cream (15ml)

LINK: https://www.unineed.com/filorga-time-filler-eye-cream-15ml-30739.html


  • Rejuvenate and awaken tired peepers
  • innovative treatment that utilises a powerful peptide and a botox-like active ingredient, to reveal a smoother, more refined eye contour.
  • The lightweight, quick-absorbing formula helps to minimise the appearance of expression lines, wrinkles and under-eye hollows
  • fade dark circles and combat uneven skin tone to restore youthful luminosity
  • lifting complex fights sagging of the upper eyelids and boosts the volume of lashes for wider-looking eyes


  1. Filorga - Meso-Mask (50ml)

LINK: https://www.unineed.com/filorga-meso-mask-50ml-31367.html


  • anti-wrinkle lightening face mask that works to enhance skin's natural radiance whilst targeting signs of ageing and fatigue
  • a veil of moisture onto skin
  • A dose of Rhamnose Polysaccharide relieves irritation, evens tone and brightens
  • NCTF® (an anti-ageing complex used in non-surgical procedures) improves skin density for a younger-looking, more resilient complexion
  • the creamy mask will leave skin with a plumper, smoother appearance that looks fresh and radiant.


  1. Filorga - Hydra-Filler Mask (23g)

LINK: https://www.unineed.com/filorga-hydra-filler-mask-23g.html


  • hydrating mask for all skin types that will plump the complexion in just 15 minutes
  • replenishing mask is drenched in hyaluronic acid, and contains soothing aloe vera which actively moisturises and intensely hydrates the complexion
  • a skin-like fibre will allow the mask to perfectly adhere to the curves of the face to boost the absorption of active ingredients
  • double hydration will drench skin in hyaluronic acid and Natural Moisturizing Factors to completely saturate the skin with water for an intense hydra-plumping effect that will leave your complexion glowing and revived.


  1. Filorga  - Time-Zero Serum (30ml)

LINK: https://www.unineed.com/filorga-time-zero-serum-30ml-30747.html


  • a potent formula that works to visibly correct all types of wrinkles, including the most stubborn lines
  • the innovative serum harnesses the power to combat an array of wrinkle typeS
  • Utilising three varieties of Hyaluronic Acid, the formula works to visibly plump the complexion and fill deep-set wrinkles
  • Matrikines and NCTF (Filorga’s exclusive complex) tackle lines that are a result of fatigue
  • The anti-ageing serum offers botox-like correction; without the pain
  • Providing exfoliation, Gluconolactone resurfaces the skin and visibly fades fine lines on its surface.



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