31st July 2019

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Lily & Loaf Nutrition has been thoughtfully developed for today's sophisticated consumer, each formula is vegan-friendly with no artificial colours or preservatives.

This offer of Buy 1, get 10% off a second nutritional product is a fantastic way to stay healthy....

Garcinia Cambogia- is a popular ingredient in weight management products, as a natural aid to support weight loss by subduing appetite.

5-HTP with L-Tryptophan- is a high quality, naturally sourced formula. 5-HTP is a key player in the formation of melatonin which helps regulate the body clock, aids relaxation, balances mood and appetite, and promotes restful sleep.

Circulate- is a formula for the Circulatory System and every-day wellness. Circulate has been developed as a comprehensive multivitamin with the health of the circulatory system in mind.

Turmeric- has been used in remedies for thousands of years, and is highly regarded amongst herbalists and natural health practitioners for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant qualities.

CoQ10 100- is required by every cell in the human body to process energy. As an antioxidant, COQ10 protects cells from damaging effects of oxidative stress, which contributes to early signs of ageing and can eventually lead to health issues.

Vitamin E400- offers powerful antioxidant properties, to protect cells from free radical damage. Vitamin E is great for the skin and helps with the signs of early ageing

The code for this offer is NUTRITION10 and the deeplink is https://www.llaffiliate.com/collections/adult-nutrition/lily-loaf

If you would like to contact me, please email me at ruth.harrington@lilyandloaf.com




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