28th March 2019

Publisher News

Dear Affiliate Partner,

We are Unineed.com with the Awin merchant ID 5350 


For our 8th Anniversary, we prepared code 8BDAY for all site for every order, every brand and every product with an extra 15% OFF at the checkout.

We are happy to announce that apart from that, we have also unlocked further discounts on specific brands with an extra 20 %, 25% and 30% OFF.


Please see all the details below:


Promotion 1

Promo Code: 8BDAY20

Dates: 28/03 - 04/04/2019

OFFER: Special promotions 20% OFF for 8th Anniversary of Unineed with the code 8BDAY20 for the following brands:

Nuxe Bestsellers: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Gold Dry Oil

Nuxe Rêve De Miel Lip Balm - 15g

EXTRA 20% OFF New Stock https://www.unineed.com/skincare/nuxe.html
L'Oreal Bestsellers: Pure Clay Purity Mask;

Hydra Genius Aloe Water Moisturiser;

True Match Foundation;

EXTRA 20% OFF New Stock https://www.unineed.com/skincare/l-oreal.html


Olay Bestsellers: Regenerist 3 Point Firming Anti-Ageing Cream Fragrance-Free;

Olay Regenerist Luminous Advanced Ant-Ageing Brightening Moisturiser;

EXTRA 20% OFF New Stock https://www.unineed.com/skincare/olay.html


Benefit N/A EXTRA 20% OFF https://www.unineed.com/makeup/benefit.html
Bellapierre N/A EXTRA 20% OFF https://www.unineed.com/makeup/bellapierre.html
Real Techniques N/A EXTRA 20% OFF https://www.unineed.com/makeup/real-techniques.html
Philips Kingsley N/A EXTRA 20% OFF https://www.unineed.com/hair-care/philip-kingsley.html
NYX N/A EXTRA 20% OFF https://www.unineed.com/makeup/nyx.html
Too Faced N/A EXTRA 20% OFF https://www.unineed.com/makeup/too-faced.html
Tangle Angel N/A EXTRA 20% OFF https://www.unineed.com/hair-care/tangle-angel.html
Bourjois N/A EXTRA 20% OFF https://www.unineed.com/makeup/bourjois.html
LQ Liquid Health Bestsellers: LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care, LQ Liquid Health Supplements Skin Health 10 x 25m EXTRA 20% OFF https://www.unineed.com/skincare/bodycare-shop-online/lq-liquid-health-care.html

Promotion 2

Promo Code: 8BDAY25

Dates: 28/03 - 04/04/2019

OFFER: Special promotions 25% OFF for 8th Anniversary of Unineed with the code 8BDAY25 for the following brands:

Winter Accessories Bestsellers: Glencroft, Pampeano, Hortons, Moschino Scarves EXTRA 25% OFF https://www.unineed.com/sale/winter-shop.html
Calvin Klein Bestsellers: wallets & belts EXTRA 25% OFF https://www.unineed.com/accessories/calvin-klein.html
Tom Ford Sunglasses N/A EXTRA 25% OFF https://www.unineed.com/accessories/tom-ford.html
Overstock - final clearance phone case, shoes, bags (versace jeans, cavalli etc) EXTRA 25% OFF https://www.unineed.com/sale/last-chance-to-buy.html

Promotion 3

Promo Code: 8BDAY30

Dates: 28/03 - 04/04/2019

OFFER: Special promotions 30% OFF for 8th Anniversary of Unineed with the code 8BDAY30


Siebensachen EXTRA 30% OFF https://www.unineed.com/accessories/siebensachen.html
Coach EXTRA 30% OFF https://www.unineed.com/bags/coach.html
Furla EXTRA 30% OFF https://www.unineed.com/accessories/furla.html




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