26th March 2019

Publisher News

Good afternoon,

Thank you all for joining our affiliate program on Awin.

There are still a lot of publishers who joined our program but haven't created their UENI links yet.

Please find below all the info you need in order to create your deep links and start representing UENI.

ALL INFO | UENI | New Affiliate Program:
1 - UENI:
Website: https://ueni.com/en-gb/business
Blog: https://blog.ueni.com/

2 - Our affiliate program:
Here - https://ui.awin.com/awin/merchant/16277/profile
Here - http://bit.ly/UENI_info

3 - UENI | What we offer to publishers: (This is just the basics, please find all the info on the links above)
- 30-day cookies
- £3 commission per sign up (our CPL/CPA)**
- Monthly Targets Structure
- Industry standard sized banners
- Annual UENI Affiliate Competition
- Regular Newsletter containing exclusive discounts

**This £3 commission per sign up is only in the UK. The CPL/CPA for the US, India, and Spain is £1.50, £0.50 and £1.50, respectively.

4 - Banners - here
5 - Deep Links - here

6 - Messaging | What has been working for us:
"Claim your free website"
"We build your website for free"
"Get your business online with UENI"

If you are looking to have specific conditions/exclusive offers, push our offer in other channels, negotiate further exposure, and/or any other questions, please send us an email to fred@ueni.com.

Thank you and good luck!

UENI Affiliate Team



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