17th August 2018

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Top Pick Offers!

This weeks Top Pick Offers are now available to order.



Nutri Pet's Omega 369- Fish Oils for a glossy coat. Helps retain good health, and a normal skin and coat. Also maintains healthy joints and freedom of movement.                                                                                                                          Discount Codes- OMG15 or OMG342- Only 1 code per transaction. Exp Date: 24/08/2018                              The deeplink for this order, please click here 




Organic Marine Collagen Delicate Serum- Supercharge your skin. Apply to your skin after cleansing but before moisturising to deliver a potent shot of ten organic fruit extracts and essential oils directly to your skin.                Discount Codes- MCDS15 or MCDS342- Only 1 code per transaction-Exp Date: 24/08/2018                          The deeplink for this offer, click here 





Organic Argan Carrier Oil- Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Conditions hair and dry scalp. Protect your hair from the damaging UV rays from the strong sun.                                                                                                Discount Codes- ARG15 or ARG342- Only 1 code per transaction- Exp date: 24/08/2018                                The deeplink for this offer, please click here 




Healthy Rascals Immune Plus for Children- Tiny little capsuels for immune support. Protect your child's immune system this summer. A strong immune system will help their developing body stay healthy and fight off infections.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Discount codes- IMM15 or IMM342-Only 1 code per transaction- Exp date: 24/08/2018                                  The deeplink for this offer, please click here 





Tei Fu Massage Lotion- The Skin tingling formula penetrates deeply to relieve sore muscles. This cream applies smoothly to the skin to encourages relaxation, it is especially designed for broad skin application.                          Discount code- TEIFU342- Exp date: 31/08/2018                                                                                                              The deeplink for this offer, please click here


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If you would like to email me with any ideas or new opportunities, please email me at ruth.harrington@lilyandloaf.com

Terms and conditions apply:

  1. You cannot use a Discount Voucher in conjunction with any other sales discounts or promotional offers unless the specific terms relating to the Promotional Discount Codes state that you can combine the Promotional Discount code with other offers.
  2. Generally, Discount Vouchers can only be used for one order.
  3. The Discount Voucher will expire on the date specified in the specific terms relating to the Discount Voucher, or before subject to availability of which we will notify you via the website. You cannot use the Promotional Discount Voucher after this date.
  4. Discount Vouchers have no cash redemption value.
  5. Our standard terms and conditions of sale apply in respect of any orders placed using Discount Vouchers and the Website terms of use for using our site also apply.
  6. We reserve the right to vary or discontinue the Discount Voucher scheme at any time.









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