1st November 2018

Publisher News

The Road to a Wintery Christmas

Part of the Fuss-Free Monthly for November 2018

It may be a bit early for jingle bells jingling all the way, but we are almost into the Christmas Season, the most exciting festive season of the year and November is at the thick of it.  Getting it right for Christmas takes detailed preparations, dedication and concentration.  eChemist will be using November as the gate before a pathway leading to a merry December, and we look forward to getting all Publishers involved in these preparations as the home of beauty fuss-free shopping experience tailored to meet customers’ expectations.

November Beauty Theme


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “the skin is the body’s largest organ and must be well taken care of all year round; specifically in November as we start prepare our appearance for the festive seasons ahead.


I-Zone Posts this November

  • Foot care- ways to keep your feet looking amazing
  • Top 10 Moisturisers to be applied daily
  • Teen Skincare Management


Popular Beauty Brands at eChemist During Autumn






Create a fuss-free experience for your customers

We are looking for mobile phone Influencers to showcase our products to UK customer.  The offer comes with 8% CPA plus 12% discount traceable purchases for all your followers.  This is the deal of the year, one that must not be missed.

For more information contact the eChemist Marketing Team at marketing@echemist.co.uk and we will get you running in less than an hour.

Deeplinks and HTML available to directly insert into your platform.

Subject to eChemist Terms and Conditions


November Events Calendar

  • Nov-01 Thursday - All Saints' Day - Christian
  • Nov-02 Friday - All Souls' Day - Christian
  • Nov-05 Monday - Guy Fawkes Day - Observance
  • Nov-07 Wednesday - Diwali/Deepavali - Observance
  • Nov-11 Sunday  - Remembrance Sunday  - Observance
  • Nov-21 Wednesday - Prophet's Birthday - Muslim
  • Nov-30 Friday - St Andrew's Day - Local Bank Holiday
  • 1-30 November - November Men's Health Awareness Month


 Promotions in November

  1. Healthy Living – Advert + IMG
  2. Pharmacy – Advert + IMG
  3. Mother & Child – Advert + IMG
  4. Food & Home – Advert + IMG
  5. Travel – Advert + IMG
  6. Special Offers – Advert + IMG





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