1st August 2018

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School Is Out For Summer

“Being given a chance to earn a good living is what eChemist gives me, I have learnt so much in the last month alone with eChemist that I did in six years as a post graduate student.”

-Albert Lukheiner

Now that school is out for summer, we are offering 5% to 8% commission within 9 validation days to all Publishers.

Nothing beats the great summer holiday, the stories we hear, read about or watch in movies are associated to the experience we had in the summer holiday.  Our most loved movies such as ‘Stand by Me and  ET ’ are all summer time bumper stories that earned a lot of money for the box office.

For the parents this is a time they can use to grow their self-esteem by inducting their children to new rituals and routines that would eventually become cultural norms.


This is a huge opportunity to work on various channels and demographic segment to push eChemist products to your followers.  The next six weeks will be fundamental retail purchasing index will be shoot through the roof.  As Publishers, you must take full advantage of the situation by building awareness and targeting the needs of the parents in the coming weeks.


EChemist will be running campaign throughout August designed to influence parents and we are inviting all Publisher to take part in the month long campaign by following eChemist activities on Facebook and I-Zone.

In This Issue

+ School Is Out For Summer

+ The Magic Of Collagen

+ Kids Summer Products

+ Home Products At Echemist

+ Fuss-Free Travel Accessories

+ Brushes and Cleanser


The Magic Of Collagen

For many years, most of us built the perception that collagen is just for wrinkles; well it is not, you therefore, will have start pondering about the real purpose of collagen and how its ranges of products can be useful to your audience as a publisher.

At eChemist we have a wide stock and sell a range of more than 30 products with collagen from, Higher Nature Collagen Cream Serum, collagen drinks, vitamins such as Vitabiotics Jointace Collagen, Nature’s Bounty Hydrolysed Collagen to Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and more.

We have special offers that include Free Gift, up to 30% off limited sales and free standard delivery.


Our collagen supplement are just as good as the natural collagen when helping the body and help achieving encouraging health results.

Benefits of Collagen

It works fast and within 10 days you will noticeably see and feel the difference it makes to your muscles, skin and joints, and has scientifically been proven a healing solution for arthritis.

The Myth of Collagen

According to the British Olympic Medical Unit collagen sole purpose is not only for anti-ageing and for reducing wrinkles, our body produce more collagen protein (33% of our total mass) until that age of 30, by 40 the body loses 1.5 percent every year.

Call to action: Learn More from I-Zone

Kids Summer Products At Echemist

We have increased our inventory of children sun-care products for the summer holidays with up to 20% limited sales special offers on some premium range. 

Our product rage are, La Roche-Posay, Mustela, Nivea Sun, Jason, Calypso, Vichy, Garnier, Frezyderm, Uvista, Elave, ORIGANii and mane more.

Kids Vitamins

We are all aware of the fact that not every country have the sanitation infrastructure if the UK or other developed.  The reality is that children will always be children; therefore, curiosity will always reign in their childlike minds.   We currently have an inventory of 80 kids’ vitamins and minerals on echemist.co.uk.

Travel Accessories

Future Insights: Acquaint With our Range of Brushes and Cleanser

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Fuss-Free Shopping Experience

Home Products At Echemist

With the children around the house for several hours every day while school is out for summer, parents are bound to feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic at times.  Children are childlike and grown-ups can be too at times, the temporary changes in the proximity brings stranger or foul smells, noise pollution and leave parents exhausted.

At eChemist we have an abundance of Home Products from scented candles, aroma oil and house cleaning products from brands such as, Absolute Aromas, BIO D, Cowshed, E-Cloth, Elemis, Go Travel, Kew Royal Botanic Gardens at many more to provide parents with the home environment they desire.



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