18th June 2018

Publisher News

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Here are some fantastic offers that you can promote to your customers, all of our products are of a fantastic quality.


Pea Protein Plus- Superb Nutrient rich profile for complete daily nutrition. 18 Vitamins and minerals including plant-derived enzymes, fibre, antioxidants, essential fatty acids from Flax Seed Oil and Borage oil and Matcha Green Tea-

Discount Codes- PEA15 or PEA342- Only 1 code per transaction

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Fennel Essential oil for Balancing body and mind. This oil has a cleansing and toning effect on the skin, and is used in aromatherapy to treat oily skin, wrinkles, cellulite and obesity. Aids weight loss by promoting feelings of satiety.

Discount codes- FEN15 or FEN342- Only 1 code per transaction

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Joint Support- 100% natural advanced supplement. This product includes Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM which are all important building blocks for healthy joints and bones in ageing dogs as well as young growing dogs.

Discount codes- JST15 or JST342- Only 1 code per transaction

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Pearl Face Polish- For Smooth, nourished skin. Crushed walnut and natural pumice help eliminate dead skin cells, decongest pores and boost circulation leaving your face feeling velvety soft.

Discount codes- PFP15 or PFP342-Only 1 code per transaction

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All creative is on our programme.

To get in touch, please email me at ruth.harrington@lilyandloaf.com we would love to hear about your ideas and opportunities.



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