6th December 2017

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The Unusual. The Modern. The Elegant.
Pearl Jewellery by 'Shan You' of ORCHIRA

Pearl Jewellery: Simply Class

Everyone, (well almost every one!), is aware of Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. That classic black dress combined with the pearl bead necklace is just simply the height of sophistication, beauty and elegance.

'Shan You' has developed a wide range of the unusual, the modern and the classic pearl jewellery just for you.

The right pieces will enhance your beauty, emphasise your style and when wearing them you know you will look great.

EARN 15% Commission on all Sales.

Products are on sale on the website at 25% discount.


Our pearl jewellery ranges

For further details go to https://ui.awin.com/awin/merchant/1688/profile

Contact Ken Merson on 01506 467286 with any questions.



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