15th March 2016

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As we have Easter break to look forward to, its important to look ones best be it traveling home or away.
Hiking is one of the most popular activities to do and according to British Mountain Climbers Association, wearing the wrong clothing seems to be a common mistake especially with the unpredictable British weather regardless of seasons. It's not just in Britain can we have hiking weather extremes, what started off as a beautiful warm summers day can quickly turn into a cold, windy, stormy day in a matter of minutes. The rule of thumb for traveling anywhere is layer up. What is layering up? This means bringing a back pack containing multiple articles of clothing so you can add or remove according to the weather. By layering your clothing you are trapping heat between the layers and thus you will be warmer or cooler as you adjust to the changing temperatures.

Lets look at a few ideas of layering up and looking great too, here is our suggested survival kit for men women and children.
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Layer one, the most essential piece of clothing, the vest.
Make sure all your clothing next to your skin has over 60% natural fibers as you want your skin to breath.
100% made fibers will just make you sweat, outerwear can be synthetic.

For Children, Lyle and Scott have a kids plane vest made from 100% cotton. Comes in three colors and all with that iconic eagle logo.
Lyle & Scott Kids Plain Vest http://www.lyleandscott.com/lyle-&-scott-kids-plain-vest/fcp-product/2777


For Men, Single jersey. Ribbed neck and armhole trim. Signature logo, 100% cotton, available in three colours, Navy, Light Marl Grey and White.
Lyle & Scott Plain Vesthttp://www.lyleandscott.com/lyle-&-scott-plain-vest/fcp-product/2750


For women, the seamless base layer t-shirt. Designed as the classic go-to base layer for all sports. The Ellen is constructed to fit like a second skin, perfect for layering or alternatively worn on its own in warmer weather. Paneling on the seams and back adds a simple stylistic touch, while also facilitating movement. MATERIAL: 73% Merino, what is Merino? The Merino is a breed of sheep prized for its wool. Available in colours Highland Mist or True Black
Ellen##Lyle & Scott Seamless Baselayer T Shirthttp://www.lyleandscott.com/ellen-lyle-&-scott-seamless-baselayer-t-shirt/view-all---womens-sports/fcp-product/2331


Layer two -
For Children any Lyle & Scott cotton T-shirt, all are made with 100% cotton.


For Men, depending on where you are going, if hiking up in the mountain or sailing out to sea then the seamless base layer t-shirt should do the trick.
The Tiree is designed as the classic go-to base layer for all sports. Constructed in a short sleeve style, incorporating ergonomic styled panelling which allows for expert movement and stretch. A seamless construction ensures irritation is greatly minimised, resulting in a more comfortable, versatile fit.
Colours are Black or Highland Mist, made from over 73% Merino wool.

How ever if you think you are just walking through a forest or walking along coastal trails then the Lyle and Scott regular lifestyle T shirts will work.

For women,  the Lyle & Scott Golf 1/4 Zip Sleeveless Merino Jumper will keep you warm.
The Fara is a V neck merino pullover, constructed using 100% merino wool making it super soft. An integrated Coolmax® yarn inside the neck works to regulate body temperature on the course, while thermal insulation provides the ultimate wind defence.In four colours, Peach Blush, Fresh Mint, Almond and Navy.


Layer three, -
For children, Jumpers and Cardigans harbour-blue Lyle & Scott Kids Crew Neck Ottoman Jumper



For Men, Gilet or Light weight fitness jacket


For women, a padded sleeveless gilet or light waterproof jacket


Layer four, the final layer is the coat, always aim for waterproof and weather resistant.
For children, Mid-weight hooded jacket. Colour block design. Popper button front pockets. Branded zip pull. Signature logo to chest
Lyle & Scott Kids Archive Stripe Jacket http://www.lyleandscott.com/lyle-&-scott-kids-archive-stripe-jacket/junior---jackets-&-coats/fcp-product/2791


For men, The Iverson track zip-through is designed with an emphasis on heat balance. Subtle details like the woven overlay hood, sharp ergonomic cut lines and elastic hems work to regulate temperature in changing environments.


For women, The Isla is a fully waterproof jacket, designed to keep you bone dry even in the most extreme conditions. Containing a lightweight mesh lining for expert breathability. Its deep raglan sleeves allow for free range of movement throughout your whole swing, while also preventing water from rising up the sleeve. A subtle grey diamond print adds texture, while concealed internal side adjusters, keep the hands close to the body for warmth.
Isla##Lyle & Scott Golf Waterproof Lined Jacket http://www.lyleandscott.com/isla-lyle-&-scott-golf-waterproof-lined-jacket/women's-sports---outerwear/fcp-product/2346#


Between the USA and UK, over 1000 tourists die from hypothermia each year when hiking trails or mountain climbing. Simple rules, know where you are going, tell some one where you are going, check weather reports and pack light weight layers of clothing including spare socks, carry water and charge your cell phone, it may cost you some money to layer up but your life and your families lives...  priceless, right?
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