29th February 2016

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735xBanner_hub - Feb 2016

Dear Affiliates,

TPO - the mobile network of Goodness, are happy to announce our New 30-day SIM Only tariff & new tariffs

 All now LIVE on AWIN 5675 

 Promotional Offer: 50% off all 30-day SIM Only Plans for the first month!

+ New amazing Tariff - 6GB of data, unlimited texts & Minutes - £12.49 p/m

Deep links: 

All banner links should direct to Main promotional SIM Only Landing Page:


 Basket Deal Deep links for the plans above.

New - £12.49 Plan ( 6GB of data, Unlimited texts & minutes - 30-day SIMO: 


£4.99 Plan: (500mb of data, 100 minutes & texts - 30-day SIMO: 


£8.99 Plan: 2GB of data, unlimited texts, 300 minutes - 30-day SIMO: 


£10.99 Plan: 3GB of data, unlimited texts, 600 minutes - 30-day SIMO: 


£13.99 Plan: 4GB of data, unlimited texts, 1000 minutes - 30-day SIMO: 


£17.99 Plan: 5GB of data, unlimited texts, 1000 minutes - 30-day SIMO


Please replace your affiliate !!!ID!!!

Standard  CPA's : £4- £12

For any further questions contact The TPO affiliate Team.



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