10th November 2014

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Brrr! It’s certainly obvious the winter season is upon us. While we dig for the winter coats at the back of the
under-stair cupboard it is easy to forget to prepare and protect your body from the cold and flu. With our exclusive
range of immune defending supplements now up to 20% OFF,
we hope to help protect our customers from all the runny noses and unforgiving coughs this winter.

It is the season to be jolly afterall!

On promotion:

20% OFF Multivitamins A, B, C, D & E & 360 Tablets now 4.79!

Our high quality Multivitamins & Minerals provide you with 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamins A, B, C, D and E! These vitamins help to maintain a healthy immune system, cognitive function, and bone health. From less than 2p per day these are one of our best value vitamins – and now ON SALE!

20% OFF Chewable Vitamin C 360 Tablets now 12.79!

For those looking for super-strength fix, our tangy Chewable Vitamin C tablets are now 20% off. These chewable tablets may be the ideal choice if for customers who are looking to promote a healthy immune system for the whole family, especially for those family members who dislike swallowing whole tablets.  As well as defending the body against oxidative stress, Vitamin C has been shown to support healthy skin, blood vessels and joints.

15% OFF ImmunoBoost with Black Garlic 60 Tablets now 12.99!

ImmunoBoost with Black Garlic provides a handy and convenient way of getting our customers daily black garlic, vitamin C and Zinc intake. This odour-controlled supplement could be the added support your immune system needs during the winter months.


Click the banner above to see the list of Winter promotions, or visit the website at: www.simplysupplements.co.uk

Happy Promoting!

Simply Supplements




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