14th January 2014

Publisher News

What is good information? That is the question, for not all information is valuable and having too much of a bad thing can clog up mental storage space. We’re always looking to help you add value to your sites and with that in mind, we’re branching out our weekly newsletter Publishers Tips to feature as a weekly post on our blog. So that’s two for the price of one! Catch the first instalment on Mondays, supplemented by the second instalment every Tuesday in this very newsletter.

So, you've read the tips and you’re still struggling. You wonder where it is you might be going wrong and why your dreams of a successful site have not yet been realised. Edwyn McFarlane our Head of Publisher Services may have the answer you seek, as he discusses Why Publishers Fail at Affiliate Marketing over on PerformanceIN. Have a read and find out what separates the weak from the strong.

Ireland: the Emerald Isle, famous for bringing us the creamy textures of Guinness and good fortune in the form of leprechauns and shamrocks. To add to this list of connotations, February 26th will see this little green island front row, centre at our brand new sector event .IE as we shine the spotlight on the emerging Irish market. .IE provides the perfect opportunity for sharing insights on the latest updates within the market, discussing developments within the Irish industry and encouraging further engagement, development, and best practices within the performance channel. If you have any questions regarding the event or to register your interest, please get in touch.

Finally, in the January tradition of predicting trends – Fourth Source have collected opinions from key figures in the industry, Affiliate Window included, to predict Five Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2014. Read up as it’s well worth the screen it’s shown on.

Until next time,

Jasmin Hassan
Online Editor

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