17th December 2013

Publisher News

How much do you know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday? The US phenomenon has crossed the pond making these two dates the most anticipated days of shopping in the run up to Christmas. Be sure to download the latest white paper from Affiliate Window’s Strategy and Business Intelligence teams which focuses on the peak trading periods during the festive season. We’ve also released an infographic which looks at the key trends during this period with all data referenced coming as result of sales generated from 1,500 retailers by 10,000 publishers working with Affiliate Window.

If you are beginning to reflect on 2013 in order to put plans in place for making 2014 bigger and better, why not check out the latest in our monthly mobile stats update. Highlights include nearly one in every three clicks originating from a mobile device and AOV through mobile handsets hitting £59.79 in November, making the stats well worth a read. We’ve also included stats for the first week of December so all Cyber Monday activity is accounted for.

Looking onwards and upwards, 2014 will see Affiliate Window as a network commit more of our time and resource in supporting the IAB’s AMC efforts to prove the value the affiliate industry adds. To learn more about our decision and why the IAB’s work is vital for the future of the performance sector as a whole, have a read of Strategy Director, Kevin Edward’s latest article on The Drum – “Enough introspection: why external forces pose the greater threat to affiliate marketers.”

Finally, with this being the last week before Christmas and with plenty of festivities to look forward to, this will be the last newsletter of 2013. Good luck with all last minute Christmas promotions and the swing into sales. As always, you can find all previous Mini Feeds on our blog, as well as the latest last order dates for Christmas. Keep up to date with everything our advertisers are doing in the meantime on TheHub and we’ll see you in 2014.

P.s. Don’t miss your chance to bag yourself a piece of our £1,000 Christmas competition prize fund in our #xmasspirit competition.

Until next time,

Jasmin Hassan
Online Editor


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