10th December 2013

Publisher News

With the hectic festive season fully upon us, you may be a bit overwhelmed by all the hustle and bustle, and short of a vital present or two. Don’t worry, here’s a little glimmer of joy in the form of our end of year competition. Be in with the chance of getting your hands on a piece of our prize pool of £1,000 by showing us, through the medium of video, your Christmas spirit!

If you’re part of the Twitterati or just a regular user, you may have seen Hatice van Leeuwen, our Senior Mobile & Emerging Channel Specialist, take over our twitter feed for just over an hour in the first of our Twitter Takeover series. Thank you for all your questions and we hope it provided valuable insights into the world of mobile. You can view the transcript of the Q and A session on our blog. Alternatively, follow the conversation on twitter using hashtag #askhatice.

Now, with just over two weeks to go before Christmas, we haven’t reached panic buying territory yet, so you still have time to put some thought into those gifts. Does the object of your present giving affection enjoy vintage photography or possibly own a fixie bike or two? Are they of the tight jeaned variety or perhaps they just lament for the good old days? If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then you dear reader have a hipster on your hands. Check out our latest mini feed for an exclusive selection of gift ideas for the coolest kids you know.

Finally, next week’s publisher newsletter will be the final one before the curtains close on 2013, with the first issue of 2014 due January 7th. No need to be offer-less however as TheHub is open for business all year round, bringing you the latest offers, news from the network, an industry calendar and our publisher newsletter archive; everything you would ever need to know in one place.

Until next time,

Jasmin Hassan
Online Editor

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