Concern Universal Increases Commission

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Concern Universal

Great News Guys!!

It’s that time of year when everything is about love and giving!

So from the 1st February, Concern Universal will be offering a fantastic 15% commission!!!* on their Gifts for Good until the 14th February.

Take a look at Concern Universal's Gifts for Good - and make a difference today.

Here are a few of the most popular Gifts for Good:

Fuel Efficient Stoves - £5

Give the gift of fuel efficient stoves and revolutionise the lives of a family in poverty. Fuel efficient stoves also help reduce the amount of toxic smoke that is emitted when cooking, and which can prove fatal.

Literacy Kit - £75
This gift provides blackboard, chalk, notebooks, pens and handbooks for a group of adult learners to learn to read and write. Once they have learned the basics, they can get better prices at market, read important information and communicate with the world.


Helpful Hen - £5
The gift of a chicken provides a cheap and sustainable source of income and nutrition for poor families. Eggs are a good source of protein, which help improve the families diet. By selling any extra eggs at the local market, families can afford their basic needs like clothing and healthcare.

People can buy their loved ones a Gift for Good this Valentines Day and can really make a difference in to alot of peoples lives.

Concern Universal's Gifts offer a sustainable way to help lift people out of poverty. Through their community-led approach, Concern Universal work with people to provide the things they really need.
Concern Universal have worked with their country programmes around the world to find out what really makes a lasting difference to people’s lives.

When you give a ‘Gift for Good’, you really are giving a gift, for good.
Concern Universal have also released a new video which shows you exactly how they help people in poverty using the money that is raised


We hope that this encourages you to promote Concern Universal and make a difference to the world.

With Love
Concern Universal
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*The commission increase will not be shown initially but it will be added to your validated sales

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