Affiliate Window: Voucher Codes reminder for Pabo UK

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Affiliate Newsletter 7th February 2012


Dear Affiliates,

Please read this important reminder for the voucher code system from Pabo. This information is particularly relevant to those of you who might usually set up automatic voucher code and link uploads to your sites.


Alternative Site Version

You now have the opportunity to direct your customers to one of two versions of using different voucher codes. Here is a list of departments for both site versions, and an example of the voucher code (with deep link) for each:

Regular site: Lingerie, Fashion, Health & Beauty (inc. Sexual Health), Home & Living, Electronics, Sex Toys, Fetish, Gay Shop
Voucher code: A0440

Safe site: Lingerie, Fashion
Voucher code:

Please check the current version of the voucher codes to ensure you are using the relevant version for your customer base.

Some codes for discounts or offers in a specific department may only link to one variation of the site.


Automatic Checkout Discount

All voucher codes links for will now be deep links that automatically add the voucher code to the checkout and calculate the discount. Not only does this save the customer having to remember, or cut and paste, a code, it helps us accurately track and assess the performance of each code. This will allow us to ensure we provide you with the best codes in the future.


If you have any feedback regarding the updated voucher codes, or anything else we could do to help you develop sales, please contact us at

Best regards,
Pabo UK Affiliate Team