20% Off Slendertone Until 31/12/2012

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20% off Slendertone Until 31/12/2012

Save 20% on any purchase over £50 from Slendertone UK between now and the 31st of December. Simply use the code XMAS20.

Code - XMAS20
Promotion - 20% off everything
Expires - 31-12-2012



Slendertone Bottom

Slendertone Bottom

To make sure you are making the most of our product, our experts have designed the Slendertone Bottom Challenge – a set of exercises and an easy to follow workout plan alongside practical lifestyle & diet tips.

The new Slendertone Bottom uses advanced clinically proven toning technology to exercise the muscles in your bottom, giving you a firmer and more uplifted bottom in just 4 weeks helping you to look your best in your clothes.

By replicating bottom toning exercises, a 30 minute session is as effective as doing 60 reversed leg lifts, proven by experts to be the best exercise to tone, tighten and reshape your bottom.

Our Price £140.00

New Slendertone Abs Male

New Slendertone Abs Male

Slendertone Abs Male delivers targeted muscle toning, designed to help achieve deep muscle training. Slendertone Abs Male stimulates all the abdominal muscles, not just the superficial fibres, by activating the core muscles which are essential for your core stability, posture and defining your shape. Slendertone Abs can be used without any physical activity or while doing physical activity. Slendertone's patented 3 electrode arrangement ensures optimal recruitment of all abdominal muscles, ensuring the entire abdominal musculature, including the deep internal oblique and transversus abdominus muscles and the more superficial rectus abdominus and external obliques. The medical grade pads ensure the stimulation is spread over the pad area evenly, allowing a more comfortable workout.

Our Price £149.99

Slendertone Optimum

Slendertone Optimum

Slendertone Optimum is an easy to use, revolutionary full body trainer with EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology, which has twenty three top programmes built into one single unit.

Our Price £299.00